Starting An Online Business – The Nuts And Bolts

Starting An Online Business –  Like Moving Home… 

starting an online businessStarting an online business or learning how to integrate digital marketing into an existing business can be a lot like buying and selling houses. That’s often described as one of the most stressful things in life. I’m doing that myself right now and here’s why I’m making the comparison.

With the moving house thing you have a gazillion things to organise and co-ordinate as you do when starting an online business. For us selling the house was a snap. We opted for an online agent rather than a traditional one. It was cheaper and very fast as you might expect – that’s how the Internet works after all.

That’s probably the main attraction of starting an online business – back to the house thing though. …

The speed of our house sale presented it’s own problems – settling on a new home then going through that process with a move out date now set. We found one a while back. Yesterday I went through the process of putting in several offers till we arrived at the price needed to get us it.

What makes this so stressful is the sheer number of middlemen involved in the process. Lawyers, estate agents, mortgage advisers, lenders and banks are usually involved both in the sale and purchase. That’s really why most of us try and get as many of those services bundled together. It’s why estate agents have mortgage advisors, surveyors and lawyers they recommend.

Starting An Online Business – With All The Nuts & Bolts 

Starting an online businessStarting an online business is similar to this in that there are lots of nuts and bolts needed to make the machine work. It makes sense to look for a place that all of those nuts and bolts can be found and managed – a one-stop shop if you will. Easier said than done? Read on…

You certainly could find website builders, email management providers, graphics tools, landing page builders and all the other nuts and bolts needed for an online business via a raft of seperate providers.

If you want to you can host all your websites in different places. There’s no shortage of marketing training courses out there that teach how to put all this together. You could outsource everything you can’t do yourself.  If you like the idea of spending 14 hours a day in front of a computer, you could probably manage all that.

That however would be very expensive and a huge juggling act as it scales up. The whole point of starting an online business for most is that it offers an escape from keeping a million plates in the air. It really shouldn’t involve countless hours at a computer – strange as that may seem.

The good news if you are looking at starting an online business is that there is now a place where you can get everything you need in one place. Without them I think I would have given up.

The Starting An Online Business One-Stop Shop

starting an online businessI’m talking about the Six Figure Mentors and Digital Experts Academy. I’ve been with them as a student and business partner for close to 18 months now. In that time I’ve hardly ever had to go outside their doors for anything I’ve needed since starting an online business after redundancy.

They remind me of the old Apple slogan – “We have an app for that”. With them I have an ever-expanding suite of marketing tools and systems. That’s  coupled with the best training and support resource I’ve ever seen.

Their goal is to provide absolutely everything required for starting an online business in one place. This comes in at a fraction of what that would cost if sourced individually. If they or their affiliate partners identify something that needs adding or tweaking you can bet it’ll turn up soon – at no extra cost. It will also be better than anything else out there.

Starting an online business without this would be like being the estate agent, lawyer, mortgage advisor, surveyor and removal company rolled into one in my moving home comparison. Good luck with that!

Or you could leverage an incredible resource that has it all behind a single door.

There is a lot behind that door. That’s is why SFM and DEA introduce what they do by means of a complimentary video series. You can get that by simply clicking the link below and signing up for it.

starting an online business

By Dave Menzies