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taking control of your life


Taking control of your life and reinventing yourself used to be much more difficult than it is now. It could involve a location change and a career change with all of the upheaval that entails. Having done that a number of times myself I can tell you that it doesn’t get easier as you get older – in the traditional world at least. The Internet has changed all that though.

The reality is that taking control of your life means taking it out of someone else’s control. For most of us the people that have the most control are the ones that control our income. That exchange of time for money completely dictates the kind of lives we can lead. So it’s the first thing that needs to go.

In the years pre-Internet, self employment was a scary proposition for many. Setting up a traditional business or buying into a franchise was and is expensive and complicated. The high start-up costs can mean years of hard toil before debts are paid and the profits start coming in. But at least you are taking control of your life….. gradually.

Self Employment – Before And After The Internet

taking control of your lifeBut some years ago, as the Internet began to rapidly change more or less everything. It changed the way we communicate, vastly increased the number of people we could communicate with and largely did away with geographic boundaries. Very quickly it turned traditional business upside down.

Techies and entrepreneurs were quick to recognise the potential leading to where we are now. How can that help in taking control of your life?

If we agree that the key to that is escaping the restrictions employment places upon us then consider this: We can now buy and sell almost anything on the Internet. You don’t need, special premises to do that; You don’t need to own, store or manage the things we sell; You don’t need to be in any particular place at any particular place to do it (you don’t even need to be awake); Your customers can be anywhere in the world.

In short you can be running a global business or multiple businesses from anywhere with little more than a laptop. If that isn’t the best ever way of taking control of your life tell me what is.

Taking Control of Your Life (Time, Location and Financial Independence)

taking control of your lifeTake this one stage further. You can sell physical products online via Amazon or Ebay but that still involves handling costs. You can also sell virtual products – products that don’t actually exist in a physical sense. These include information products, training and education products, music, photography and ebooks.

Taking control of your life by leveraging the technology at your fingertips is cheaper, quicker and simpler than starting a traditional business. It offers more time and location freedom and the financial potential is pretty much limitless.

Not surprisingly there is a learning curve. That’s going to be the case with any major life change. Learning how to market goods and services in the digital world however is the best investment you can make in yourself. It’s here to stay.

More and more traditional businesses are being automated by technology and we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg. In the digital economy you can start changing your life today – your way.

You won’t find the skills you need for this at college or university – things are moving too fast for that. You will get them from cutting edge entrepreneurial educators like SFM (Six Figure Mentors) and DEA (Digital Experts Academy)

If you are serious about taking control of your life and can see that the Internet is your best bet, click on the link below to grab a free 7-day video training series from SFM and DEA.


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