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The Freedom Entrepreneur Podcast By Stuart Ross

Freedom EntrepreneurI caught the first episode of Stuart Ross’s podcast, The Freedom Entrepreneur yesterday. Surprisingly it’s his first for 4 years. He has been busy building a multiple 7 figure online empire, training foundation and worldwide entrepreneurial community though, so maybe it’s not that surprising that it’s taken him a while to get round to podcasting.

In fact he uses that to illustrate one of his key success principles – accountability. In the podcast he mentions that if he didn’t impose a strict regime of accountability on himself he probably wouldn’t have done it at all. In short this is really just serious self-discipline, which he backs up by imposing little penalties on himself if he doesn’t do what he has committed to doing.

Personally I’m glad the Freedom entrepreneur podcast is now available. I can now get a fix of the Stuart Ross magic wherever I happen to be. So can you and he’s worth listening to.

The overall philosophy of Stuart and his business partner Jay Kubasseks’s companies SFM and DEA is lifestyle freedom. Specifically through transitioning, with their help, to the digital economy.

Freedom Entrepreneurship or Obsolescence

freedom entrepreneurIn the first Freedom Entrepreneur podcast he outlines that philosophy and reveals a bit about what he’s going to share with it on an ongoing basis. It’s a big vision.

What has always struck a chord with me since I was introduced to SFM, Stuart, Jay and their business community is their firm belief that many of us are in real danger of becoming obsolete in the present world order. It’s a scary thought but it makes sense when you take a hard look at the way our world is changing – and the speed at which it’s changing.

In The Freedom entrepreneur Stuart suggests that the things people are being taught in traditional education are becoming irrelevant in our modern world. This is causing many of us to put blood sweat and tears into systems, business ideas and strategies that are broken.

ON the plus side though, we are living in a time where we have learning options. We can find people, Like Stuart and Jay who are prepared to share real, from the trenches education. This is vastly different from the traditional college or university style teaching where the teachers don’t necessarily have actual experience – particularly of thriving in the digital world.

We are in the age of the entrepreneur. Out of necessity a new economy is being built where things are done differently. It’ almost like a parallel universe but it’s fast becoming the universe that most of us will be in – unless we allow ourselves to become obsolete.

Becoming A Freedom Entrepreneur

The even better news however is that this new universe offers much better ways to live and work – unrestrained by geography, time zones or draconian schedules.

As with everything in life, the big picture is composed of lots of small pictures. This new design for life doesn’t come without effort. Effort and change requires energy and that’s an area that Stuart’s Freedom Entrepreneur will address.

Whilst transitioning to the digital economy frees us from the need for commuting, physical labour and many of the other trappings of the traditional life, that can have its downsides. It can be sedentary and it calls for considerable self – motivation.

So In his Freedom Entrepreneur podcasts Stuart will be sharing practical advice on diet, exercise and personal development. These are just as important to the modern digital entrepreneur as business and systems and marketing strategies.

The Freedom Entrepreneur podcast will shortly be available on Itunes and Stitcher so look out for it.

If you’d like to know more about this whole Freedom Entrepreneur thing and the SFM and DEA’s version of it subscribe to their free 7 day video series today on the link below.

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By Dave Menzies