The Ideal Business For An Introvert

The ideal business for an introvert is by definition, one which plays to our known strengths and we have many.  Numerous studies show that between a third and half the population are introverts.  Perhaps not surprisingly some very big names in the creative world are introverts. Its easy to accept that many writers would be introverts, but some of the biggest names in business, like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are too.

When I thought about writing this post I was thinking of loner rather than introvert but a little research showed me that the latter term might get more eyeballs. However you see yourself its probably safe to say that the other two thirds or half the population have some weird ideas about you. They see you as shy, reserved, serious or distant. Correspondingly you see them as loud, brash and over confident. So the ideal business for an introvert – for this one at least – is one that can be done mainly in solitude.

Introverts are actually well suited to entrepreneurship. Again, studies have shown that introverts are often creative, focussed, deep thinkers when they get away from the noise. Its seems obvious then that a business that can be run alone from home would be perfect. One that minimised contact with other people i.e no employees or boss, would tick all the boxes. 

The Internet Of Introverts

The Internet is one place where all of this can be achieved. I would say from personal experience, that an internet based business is ideal for introverts, loners – whatever fits you best.  I spent a lot of years working with many extrovert people and found it very tiring. When I left the corporate world and started working from home for myself the relief was almost tangible. 

Their are a number of internet business models to choose from which suit the introvert perfectly.  I’d divide these loosely into two categories: Affiliate emarketing where you sell other peoples products for commission or E-commerce where you sell yours or other peoples products. Almost anything can be sold in either model. 

But wait a minute – sales you say? But I’m an introvert. Relax, selling things on the internet is nothing like the idea of sales that most people have. Sadly that tends to bring hard selling foot in the door extroverts to mind (although I was successful in sales with a very low key approach) But nothing could be further from the truth in online selling. Actually marketing is the more accurate term.

What makes internet marketing the ideal business for an introvert is that the whole thing can be largely automated. You never have to personally meet a customer face to face. Even if like me you use video in your marketing you don’t even have to appear on camera if you don’t want to. Besides there are many other ways to market goods and services online. As well as video, I do a lot of blogging.

I mentioned some well known business introverts at the top of the post. A couple of mega successful though lesser known internet entrepreneurs who are also introverts got me started online. 

A Loner But Not Alone

As you know being introverted doesn’t mean being shy. Its more about being focussed, not keen on small talk, emotionally intelligent and driven. Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek co-founders of are all of those things. They are not afraid of taking to the stage in front of hundreds at events. Both individually and as business partners they have built 8 figure online businesses. But you won’t often find either at parties or with large of groups of people outside of business. 

And that is just what what i was looking for when I started looking for serious information, guidance and training on internet business. There are a lot of inflated egos, extroverted gurus and a lot of hot air in this space unfortunately. It was a breath of fresh air to meet – first on video then in person – a couple of people who broke that mold.

I not only learned an awful lot about internet marketing from these guys, I also started earning a lot from them as an affiliate. is kind of a one stop shop for the internet entrepreneur. As I’ve mentioned they offer training, support and mentorship and affiliate partnerships. They also provide an ever expanding raft of tools and resources. To me its a godsend to have everything I need from websites and marketing tools to images and graphics in the one place. 

A Community You Do Want To Be In

There’s one more big thing here which I’ve found invaluable. The community platform. After over 10 years in business the Mentors global community is amazing. Yes I’m an introvert but I like people. Meeting people on the same path either online or at events has been an integral part of the journey for me. I’ve met and made friends with a number of people here, I’ve collaborated on projects with some of them, learned in their company and given and received help and support. 

I assume that if you are reading this you are an introvert and are looking for a business that suits you. Hopefully this has been of some help. If you’d like to learn more about how the organisation I’ve mentioned could help, you can subscribe for their free introductory video series on the link below. 

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