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The SFM and DEA Founders Call December 2015


The SFM and DEALast Thursday The SFM and DEA founder’s call was hosted solo by Jay Kubassek aided and abetted by webinar wrangler Patty. Co-founder Stuart Ross and the team were travelling back from recent events in Oz (or recovering from the after party..) A few of the down under attendees spoke on the call in fact and were clearly still buzzing.

Jay gave a fantastic and very thought provoking presentation – I took screenshots of some of his slides, which you can see here. He was talking about his fascination with the rampant growth of technology – which I share – and how it’s changing everything. As history lessons go it was one of the most interesting I’ve seen. As a “shape of things to come” lesson it was mind blowing!

One of the most astonishing facts that the slide above reveals is that computer technology is now progressing more each hour than it did in it’s first 90 years.

The graph in these images charts theis from 1900 when the first mechanical “computer” emerged but was never finished) until 2011 when Time magazine published an article predicting the singularity: The time when artificial intelligence could supercede human intelligence. That time will come in 2045 if things continue as they are.

What does all this mean for us in real terms? Well really it’s the next revolution on from the agricultural revolution and the industrial revolution – but its happening far faster than those did. Both of those automated a lot of manual labour. That in turn meant that there were far fewer manual jobs.

The SFM and DEA Tooling Up For Change 

The SFM and DEA

Factory Man – Early 21st Century – EXTINCT

Business and employment became more technically biased. The technological revolution is seeing that shift away from human labour intensify. With computer and automation able now to replace many semi-manual, administrative jobs, we are seeing white collar jobs disappear. In fact those without digital skills are really running the risk of being obsolete.

On the SFM and DEA founders call Jay echoed the words of an MIT professor on the Panaroma documentary who said “It’s hard to imagine how much you’ll have to pay someone to do a menial task 10 or 25 years from now.





Recent documentaries by Panaroma have featured many high profile government, education and business spokespeople singing from the same hymnbook. The song being – we are not ready for this. That’s because exponential growth – as we are seeing with tech – doesn’t happen at a manageable, predictable pace.

Having recently turned 51 and being a lifelong lover of technology, science and progress I have first hand experience of how fast this has all happened. I’m also old enough to remember clearly what it was like “Before” – when what we have now was in the realm of science fiction. In fact tuning in to THE SFM and DEA founders call broadcasting from New Jersey and featuring contributors from Australia on an Iphone from the highlands of Scotland would have seemed sci-fi then too.

Look at some of the big high street names that have gone in recent years in the image below. This has been the result of changes in the way we consume things – digital – and in the way we buy them – the Internet. Ironically one of the biggest  – Kodak – actually invented the digital camera, which was to be their nemesis.

The SFM and DEAWe didn’t have computers at school, smart phones and tablets didn’t exist neither did Google, Youtube or Facebook. Now they enable me to make my living from home – from anywhere in fact. So it’s not all doom and gloom – far from it. I just wish they had been around because making a living as a musician as I was trying to then would have been a snap.

The opportunities this creates for those prepared to go with the flow are enormous. This is especially true for people with a creative bent. Musicians, artists, performers no longer need a host of middle men in this new economy. They can be become sef financing, self-managing and self-promoting like never before. It really is just a matter of picking up some new skills.

The SFM and DEA – An Explosion In Possibility

The SFM and DEAJay Kubasek and his business partner in Stuart Ross are at the forefront of this explosion in possibility. The education, digital skills, tools, resources and business systems they provide through their community style platforms The SFM and DEA.

With over 10 years of massive success in their own digital marketing careers they are well into year 3 of an ambitious 25 year plan. That plan is to create as many self-sufficient digital entrepreneurs as possible. They have already done that in numerous countries and their business community comprises successful students and business partners of all ages, from all walks of life. With every monthly SFM and DEA founders call this becomes more apparent.

As they say on their websites – “A traditional education can help you make a living…. our digital education will help you live your ultimate life”. That’s certainly been true for me and for many, many others.

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The SFM and DEA

By Dave Menzies