What’s The SFM Big Idea?

SFM – Taking The Pie Out of The Sky


What if someone had told you about ipads 20 years ago?

The SFM Big idea: To build a virtual business that can be run from more or less anywhere with the minimum of equipment. A business that is all about personal choice: You sell only the products and services you want to and deal only with the people you want to deal with. You work when you want to as this business has no set schedules and takes far less time than any traditional business.

Oh yes – and anyone can do it….

This is the philosophy that mega successful online entrepreneurs Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek developed into a business system and digital education platform. They’d done it themselves and knew what it took after all. Aside from this obviously being a very profitable business for them, they do also have a quite noble ambition.

To educate as many people as possible about what is actually possible in this new digital economy. A business like I described above still seems an impossibility to many people. It’s almost like science fiction but actually it’s science fact and lots of people are doing it.

What Stuart and Jay discovered some years ago is that making income on the Internet isn’t really very difficult. Making a lot of money on the Internet is more so. Hence the company name Six Figure Mentors or SFM. SFM provides the tools and resources needed in online marketing along with some foundational training.

Partner company Digital Experts Academy (DEA) offers a range of advanced training and partnership positions. Depending on how far you want to go with your online business (and there are no real limits) DEA caters for that ambition.

SFM and DEA – Just Bring Ambition

SFMEach position offers increasingly advanced training, mentoring and masterminding. They also pay very high commissions to partners at these levels.

So SFM and DEA offer a number of possibilities.

  1. To build an SFM/DEA business as an affiliate partner. In other words you use their training, systems and marketing materials to sell their products. This is a “business in a box” option and a very good one. It’s always best to sell things you use and like yourself. It’s also worth mentioning that SFM and DEA have some of the best marketing materials in the business. They also have a follow up team who deal with sales for you.
  2. You can use the SFM and DEA training and business systems to market anything you like. If you have an existing business and just want to leverage the internet to grow it you can do that. If you have products in mind or just want to learn how to find and sell products online you can do that.
  3. You can simply use SFM and DEA to acquire digital marketing skills you can go on to sell as a consultant or specialist agency.
  4. All of the above!

Obviously a lot of the training here is aimed at those building an SFM and DEA affiliate business. That actually involves quite advanced marketing. These are high-ticket products after all. Although millions of people want to learn how to create an amazing lifestyle business – not all of them are prepared to pay for the education.

That’s where it gets interesting though. As I mentioned SFM have a dedicated follow up team who basically close sales on your behalf. Being an affiliate your job is just to make an introduction. As a marketer your job is to decide who gets the introduction.

Elite in a Good Way 

What is being built here is an elite community of digital entrepreneurs – Elite but not elitist. There’s no sense of elitism at live events, webinars or mastermind sessions – no feeling of judgement or superiority, even though some of these guys and gals are making serious money online. It’s very much a supportive community who are fiercely proud and protective of what’s being created.

What does come across strongly is a hard work ethic. There’s no entitlement – no, get rich quick mentality (those people are weeded out in the application process)

You can meet the founders of SFM and DEA and some of their worldwide community of entrepreneurs today. Click on the link below to receive their introductory free video series. In it they explain their proposition, business system and philosophy in detail. It’s pretty amazing.


By Dave Menzies