DEA Elite Gold Membership Review

DEA Elie Gold membership


DEA Elite Gold Membership Review and Benefits

Today I upgraded to DEA Elite Gold membership. It seemed like a no brainer for a number of reasons. Firstly what’s included, which I’ll review here, secondly for reasons of timing. When I first discovered SFM and DEA I looked over all their introductory material. I decided it was exactly what I’d been looking for and joined as founding Elite member at Silver level. What that’s done for me has been enough to make the upgrade a good move. Timing wise it was good move because A. Prices go up for all Elite memberships tomorrow and B. Because of my starting dates, upgrading now provides a big commission level benefit and gives my DEA business greater scope for growth.

DEA Elite Gold membership is designed to build on the foundations laid in the Silver membership. The aim is for members to become full time professional online marketers who can confidently generate income online from pretty much anywhere. How do they do that I hear you ask?

Well with a basic membership everyone who joins SFM has a comprehensive marketing toolkit. That contains everything they need to generate income online. They have websites, blogs, auto responders, systems for generating lead capture pages and other essentials. With all that in place all you need to do is to become a skilled digital marketer!

Why Upgrade To Gold Membership?

That’s where the Digital Experts Academy comes in. At each level members receive increasingly high levels of mentoring and advanced marketing training. With DEA elite Gold membership this is the form of an intensive 6 week live coaching programme, 12 months of 1-1 mentorship and a 2 day live workshop event. Who does the mentoring?

The Mentoring is provided by experienced DEA partners who have build very successful online businesses via the SFM and DEA platform. They have walked the walk in other words. DEA mentors include bestselling authors Greg and Fiona Scott and affiliate marketing expert James Holmes. All of these guys have worked with Stuart Ross for a number of years and have been carefully selected by him to mentor his inner circle students.

Mentoring and training on this level is simply not available to most individuals – certainly not at the price of DEA Elite Gold membership. SFM and DEA have a pretty impressive reach and influence in the online industry. This enables them to bring in digital marketing experts like these.

DEA Elite Gold Membership – What’s Next?

Building on from DEA elite Gold membership comes Platinum and Black membership. Platinum is dedicated to professional branding, which is now handled personally, by Jay Kubassek and his team. Black is where members basically become partners with the founders. Black DEA members rub shoulders with the prime movers and shakers of the digital industry.

With each DEA level comes reseller rights appropriate to that level. As you’d expect the compensation plan is on an increasing scale reflecting membership level. As the name suggests Six Figure mentors is designed to guide, train and mentor members towards that income level. Although most members are in this for the lifestyle, part of that comes from financial independence. At DEA Elite Gold membership and beyond that is very realistically attainable.

Find out more about the big picture of SFM and DEA by clicking on the small one below and getting their introductory video series.

DEA Elite Gold membership

By Dave Menzies

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