DEA Gold Workshop – Vegas 2015

DEA Gold Workshop

DEA Gold Workshop – Solid Gold Insights

DEA Gold WorkshopThe DEA Gold workshop moved from it’s usual home in London to Las Vegas this year (2015). Unfortunately due to moving home on the same day I wasn’t able to attend. I have however been catching up on the recordings which are available to DEA Gold partners in their online back office.

These are video recordings of the key presentations by the SFM and DEA co-founders and some industry big name special guests. They obviously can’t replace the whole Vegas experience or that whole live event buzz. They are great viewing all the same.

Unlike the SFM Momentum day, the DEA Gold workshop is a two-day event. Like with everything these guys do, it offers a vast amount of value to attendees. The Gold partnership with DEA is a particular focus for Co-founder Stuart Ross. In the DEA platform, Gold is where things start to get serious so it’s fitting that Stuart is very hands on at this particular event.

Day one of the 2015 DEA Gold workshop kicks off with hugely insightful presentations on the art and science of marketing. These come from Stuart (who’s presentations centres on marketing insights) and Guy and Ilan Ferdman of Satori Prime.

DEA Gold Workshop – The GO TO Guys

DEA Gold WorkshopDay two of the DEA Gold workshop 2015 recorded presentations are the aforementioned Guy and Ilan Ferdman of Satori Prime. These guys are Stuart’s “go to” experts for Facebook marketing and DEA business partners. They deliver an in depth presentation on the subject and introduce their Facebook “go to” guy Jason Hornung. Jason raises the bar even higher with an amazing presentation on advanced marketing and retargeting strategies for Facebook.

Following the Facebook presentations, things move on to Native advertising (Google, Bing, onsite advertising). Then we move on to hot property of the moment – Youtube Advertising. This section is delivered by top performing DEA partner Christian Bir – the Swedish Google Adwords guru.

These are all guys at the very top of their game and the knowledge being shared here really is inner circle stuff. Gold DEA members certainly get their money’s worth at this event.

Throughout the DEA Gold workshop presentations Stuart Ross interjects with his customary “Keeping it real” insights. Like me he’s not a big fan of statistics, tracking, retargeting processes himself. He stresses that although it’s important to have a grasp of all this stuff outsourcing it is possible.

The Room To Be In ….

In the ever changing, fast moving and exciting world of internet marketing it’s beyond value to have access to people with this level of knowledge. Aside from the key presenters the SFM and DEA community contains a unique wealth of knowledge and experience. I intend to be in that room in Vegas next year.

If you are an aspiring internet entrepreneur you need to be looking at SFM and DEA as the vehicle to get you there. I’ve spent a couple of days watching the recordings of last years DEA Gold workshop and am in no doubt that investing in the DEA Gold programme is the best decision I’ve made.

At the moment access is via a basic SFM membership. This provides a foundation: Websites, digital marketing systems and entry level mentorship. You can then go on to the DEA Silver, Gold, Platinum or Black partnership levels. Later this year entry to DEA will be direct so that existing marketers can fast track themselves into very high ticket partnerships.

To learn more register for the SFM’s complimentary 7- day video training series on the link below. Maybe I’ll see you at the DEA Gold workshop in Vegas this October?

DEA Gold Workshop

By Dave Menzies