Doing Business Online – The Secret Sauce

doing business online

Doing Business Online – The Holy Grail..

doing business online

There’s a well known saying that goes something like – “If I could bottle this I’d be a millionaire”….

It’s a saying that’s used for a multitude of things in life isn’t it. It’s similar to the legend of the Holy Grail or the fountain of youth or to the idea of magic formulas that can produce money with no effort. That’s a popular myth in the make money online space.

Most of us realize that there is no magic potion, no secret sauce or magic silver bullet. Yet people still fall for clever marketing that suggests there is.

The internet space has certainly had it’s fair share of “secret sauce” peddlars. But as the industry grows people are becoming more savvy and less gullible.

The Internet is not the Wild West it used to be. The people making these sorts of claims and false promises are starting to find things pretty tough out there! Most worthwhile advertising networks will not carry ads that they consider to be offering false promises or unrealistic income claims. They’d rather turn away revenue than associate with the “black hat brigade”.

No Secret To  Business Online (Sorry)

The truth is that when it comes to doing business online the potential earnings are incredible. That’s probably why so many people used to believe there was some kind of “secret to success” they could buy. Realistically its simply because of the sheer size of the Internet and the relative ease of doing business there.

There obviously isn’t a secret as such, just proven ways to market goods, services and information online. That is where most of us go looking for them now. The most successful online marketers use tried and tested systems and tools. They have spent time learning their craft.

The closest anyone can come to “bottling” all that know-how is to provide the education coupled with all the practical tools, marketing materials, systems and resources you could ever need to create ethical and sustainable online income.

If at the same time they could provide an, earn as you learn, franchise style, business in a box for you to start with and give you rinse and repeat systems and strategies to build multiple online income streams they’d be coming pretty close to “bottling” their success for you wouldn’t they?

You would then be doing what Guy Kawasaki constantly talks about – LEVERAGING.

doing business online

Shortcuts To Doing Business Online 

Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek, co-founders of SFM and DEA have done just that. They don’t offer the Holy Grail, or suggest that you can make a million overnight. That’s not how it works.

What they have done is create a platform based on their own huge success. It contains absolutely everything you need to replicate their success in doing business online. It incorporates exactly the same tools, strategies and digital systems that they used.

In fact when they started doing business online, Stuart and Jay didn’t even have many of the resources their platform provides. They had to find them and in some cases create them. Their big idea was to put everything in one place so that anyone getting started in the industry would have a massive advantage in terms of time and cost.

They also wanted to create a worldwide community of successful, independent online entrepreneurs. They’ve done that and that community is growing fast. The attendance and feedback from their inaugural Momentum day and workshops in Australia this month (they’ve hosted 5 in the UK so far and are planning to host them in other regions from 2015) Is testament to that.

No one in this community pretends that digital marketing and doing business online is not hard work. No matter how many amazing tools and resources you have or how much training you are given, no-one can make you put the hours in.

It’s like that other famous saying – “If you give a man a fish he can feed himself for a day. If you teach him to fish (and give him the rods, nets, bait and boat) he can feed himself forever”.

If he just sits in the boat drinking beer it’s just not going to work is it?

What You REALLY Need

doing business onlineAnyone with the desire to succeed, who is prepared to invest some time and money in developing themselves and learning a few new skills can build financial independence and an enviable lifestyle in the online world. The SFM business system, mentorship and community just makes it very much easier.

Technology always changes the way we live. The Internet has changed our world. It’s made a lot of traditional values and business models redundant but its also created incredible new possibilities. Love it or loathe it, it’s here to stay. More than that though, it’s becoming the biggest industry we have.

Digital marketing skills – knowing how to function online, whether to run a traditional business or as a full time entrepreneur doing business online are already highly valued. I don’t think it will be long until they are a basic necessity for life in the modern world. A world that needs more digital marketing experts and entrepreneurs.

By Dave Menzies