Find A Starving Crowd Of Buyers

find a starving crowd

Why You need to Find A Starving Crowd to Feed 

find a starving crowdOn Friday I caught some great video footage recorded at the Six Figure Mentors Gold workshop 2013. In one of the videos co-founder Stuart Ross posed a question. He asked what the audience thought he had that they didn’t that enables him to generate income online on demand. I’ll tell you the answer shortly but first here’s how he framed the question.

Imagine, he said, that everyone in this room – about 100 of us were all promoting SFM – which we are. Imagine we all had access to marketing materials prepared at enormous cost by the best copywriters, graphic designers and marketers on the planet (which we have)

Given all that, what then do I have that you don’t (yet) ? Quite a few people made a guess but all were wrong. Stuart explained why they were wrong in usual humorous way. Eventually he said Ok I’ll tell you: It’s a starving crowd. In short you simply need to find a starving crowd then feed them.

Find A Starving Crowd and Feed Them The Good Stuff

find a starving crowdSo what does “Find a starving crowd”‘ mean in online marketing terms? Well as the phrase suggests it’s a crowd of people in the form of a list of subscribers. They are all starving for whatever it is you can provide for them. He illustrated the point by asking the group to imagine they all been locked in the room for 3 days with plenty of water but no food.

He then asked them to imagine if he came in on day 4 with a pile of 3 day old MacDonalds. Would he get any sales? What do you think? But how many sales of the same cold, unappetising junk would he get if the same group had just been gorging themselves on a 4-course cordon blue meal?

This might be a pretty obvious example of how to find a starving crowd but it makes the point well. Over the last 5 or 6 years Stuart Ross and most mega successful marketers have been diligently building their lists, their starving crowds. They have provided the people on those lists with enormous value and not surprisingly those people are now fiercely loyal fans. They trust what he says and therefore what he recommends.

Not Just Any Starving Crowd

The secret to this to find a starving crowd or crowds, more importantly, what it is they are starving for. The basic principle is simple: Find out what they want; find out how where to get it; Give it to them. During that process subscribe them to a list and build a relationship with them.

Fine tuning this process is what has allowed people like Stuart to generate 6, 7 then 8 figure incomes. That’s done by not trying to sell everyone everything. Experienced marketers know that that approach usually means you sell to no-one. Instead, by careful research, you find a starving crowd for your products – most importantly the RIGHT starving crowd.

With his company SFM, Stuart Ross has reverse engineered this process into an educational platform and digital business system and entrepreneurial community that gives anyone everything they need to do what he has done.

If you would like to learn more about list building for profit, the SFM and Stuart Ross’s phenomenal success online click on the link below. You’ll get his ebook “List building For Profit” and a series of videos at no cost and with no strings attached. If you find a starving crowd then follow this process you can’t go wrong.

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