Five Must Have Online Marketing Tools

The Online Marketing Tools Every Business Should have 

There are a million different tools, strategies and toys on the market designed to make internet marketing easier and more effective. Obviously every one of them claims to be the best, the most indispensable – they are being marketed by experts after all – but you certainly don’t need all of them.

Here are 5 very user-friendly essentials that you can do a hell of a lot with without breaking the bank.

You can see demo’s of all of these by clicking on the image for each. In most cases you can also do a free trial to evaluate them.

Simple Lead Capture

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However you are getting traffic your first aim is to convert visitors to leads for whatever you are promoting. In most cases that means you want them to click through to an exciting, informative wepage that’s going to make them want to give you their email address and possibly take further action i.e buy something. This is one of the most effective online marketing tools you can have.

Simple lead capture provides a range of high converting, modern landing page templates. You can fully customise them to suit your needs by adding custom text, video, images and links. You can also – with a single click – integrate them with an autoresponder form for collecting those email addresses and adding them to your list building, follow up strategy.




online marketing tools That brings us to autoresponders – one of the online marketing tools you just can’t do without. An autoresponder is an email management system that lets you capture email addresses and other details from your landing pages. It’s the form you see on landing pages that says – insert your email/name/ etc.

You can then create automatic follow up emails on whatever schedule you choose and to send “live” broadcasts to your lists whenever you want. Aweber is one of the most popular autoresponder services in the world today.




Graphix Creator

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You want your marketing efforts to look good. You want to populate your websites, landing pages, blogs and ads with cool, professional images. So the third in this series of online marketing tools is Graphix Creator, which makes this a snap. It’s Far easier and quicker than Photoshop and far cheaper than outsourcing.








Yourtube Player

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you are using youtube videos on your websites, blogs, landing pages and other content you want control. You don’t your viewer going somewhere else as soon as your video finishes.

You don’t really want them to be able to fast forward or skip parts of your video. You don’t want them to see ads or suggested videos by someone else. Yourtube player allows you to completely control how your video is seen and controlled. You simply take your Youtube URL, set everything up as you want it and use the new embed code to set up your custom video.

Used with the previous online marketing tools you have a powerful marketing set up already.





Tidy Url

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url links are ugly and take up a lot of space. Many people just find them a turn off. Tidy Url lets you create shortened Urls that are relevant to your offer. It also allows you to cloak or mask your links and to set up menus for all your campaigns so they can be easily found and tracked.








If you already have an online or offline business these 5 essential online marketing tools provide a complete digital marketing system. All you need are the products and services.

By Dave Menzies 

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