Getting An Online Business Started

getting an online business started

Is Getting An Online Business Started – Easy?

getting an online business started Getting an online business started is, on paper at least, pretty easy. You bang up a website, find some affiliate products to sell and send traffic to it. Obviously as with any business you’ll research the market or markets you’re going for first to make sure there is a demand. The basic nuts and bolts aren’t too challenging. You can be up and running very quickly.

But getting an online business started is very different to making it successful. Your shiny new website is but a grain of sand in a very big desert. There are many ways to bring those essential visitors to your online storefront both free and at a cost. That’s where things start to get trickier.

You can pick from a range of Internet marketing strategies but each has it’s own learning curve. If you are low on budget you might decide to produce content: Blogs, social media, free adverts, youtube videos. In that case you’ll need to master keywords and search engine optimisation. If you have sensibly factored in a budget to do paid (faster) advertising you’ll need to learn that stuff too.

Getting An Online Business Started – The Minefield

getting an online business startedWith both paid and free marketing strategies you also need to get good at the marketing messaging itself. Theres copywriting, use of images – the art of coming across to your audience in a variety of mediums. After getting your online business started you will find that there are thousands of products out there that can help. Some you need, some you don’t but each has is its own mini- industry around it.

Negotiating The Information Minefield

This article is not intended to put you off getting an online business started – far from it – but to help you through that minefield. It can be overwhelming and it’s why many people don’t get past the early stages. You’ll find tools, training, software, plugins, advice and mentoring on every part of the jigsaw.

Now when you’re getting an online business started you could go out and get all this stuff individually. You would probably waste a lot of time and money on things you later found you didn’t actually need – but who knew?

Doing it that way can be very time-consuming in the first place , but can also create a business that’s tedious to run. Lots of different passwords and logins to get even the simplest of things done. Lots of individual subscriptions, upgrade costs and support procedures.

Can You Get Everything You Need In One Place?

getting an online business startedOr, and this is what proved to be a breakthrough for me when I was getting an online business started, you could get everything in one place.

Myself and many other new online entrepreneurs have found that getting an online business started is very much easier in a one – stop-shop way. When one login takes you to a place where you can build and host websites, landing pages, graphics, and all the other nuts n bolts. On top of that if you can access up to date training on all aspects of digital marketing, top level mentorship and coaching with wonderful support you are onto a winner.

The One Stop Shop Solution

For myself and my many new friends and associates that place was SFM or Six Figure Mentors. Together with their partner company DEA (Digital Experts Academy) they provide all of the above. If you are looking seriously at getting an online business started but have no idea what to sell you can opt to partner with them. That offers the best of both worlds since you are selling the same one-stop-shop platform you are using yourself. You’ll also be earning some of the industries highest commissions in the process.

Find out more by clicking the link below and subscribing for the SFM/DEA’s complimentary video training series. You’ll quickly see how these guys have made getting an online business started and into profit as step-by-step simple as it can be.

sfm founders webinar

By Dave Menzies