How To Get Out Of Sales

Get Out Of Sales But Keep The Money

get out of salesIf you are trying to get out of sales as a career you’d be in good company. After a chat with a friend earlier (both of us are ex sales people) I typed the phrase into Google. The search showed a staggering 589 million results. It’s not the first time I’ve typed it myself though its been a while. Since transitioning away from sales 3 years ago, I’m not that surprised.

Whilst the “uncapped earnings potential” is attractive and keeps most sales people in, the rest of the deal can be pretty awful. The culture of targets, pressure, constant pushing and competition wears a soul down. And so what if you’re earning six figures when you have no time to spend it?

My sales career was at the softer end of the scale – consultative sales. I was expected to perform and get results but I didn’t have a set target to reach. I remember once interviewing for a car sales job. The sales manager told me to forget any hobbies I may have as I’d be working 6 days a week and every bank and public holiday. However I would be be able earn a ton of dosh (if I didn’t I’d be out on my ear) and I would have Christmas day and New years day off.

Get Out Of Sales And Into Your Life

get out of salesThat’s the sharp end of the stick as far as I’m concerned. I’ve known a few of those sales people and they all thrive in this atmosphere for a while. They also tend to always seem on the edge of burn out. As my Google search revealed too – a hell of a lot of them want to get out of sales.

But how can you get out? How can you earn more than a basic salary if not for commission and bonuses? Well, the digital economy – the internet, has come along and offers a superb way to get out of sales as we know it. In fact I’d say transitioning to the internet is a perfect move for individuals with a sales background.

If the idea of most if not all of your income being commission based excites rather than scares you, read on. What if you could sell anything you wanted to and your territory was the entire world? What if you could largely automate the process? What if you could do it from anywhere with just a laptop and an internet connection?

How about not spending Friday evening going through your prospect list? What if you didn’t need to cold call, persuade or “Always be closing”? What if you could work around your interests, family or hobbies and still earn the big bucks?

You’re Already half Way There…

get out of salesUnless you’ve been under a rock for the last 10 years you’ll have noticed how much the internet has changed things. If you are in sales you probably do a lot of your prospecting and follow ups online. You’ve got a smartphone, a tablet and a laptop and your car is often your office.

If you want to get out of sales in the traditional sense it’s not that much of a leap to the digital economy. You can sell anything you like online as an affiliate marketer. You can sell lots of small things for small unit profits or just a few things for massive unit profits. I favour the latter.

You don’t need to sacrifice the cut and thrust of face to face sales entirely either. You can learn to do it on video, on social media, by blogging, emailing and advertising. It’s really just a mindset shift. If like many sales people are you are into personal and self-development that won’t be a problem.

Get Out Of Sales Like These Guys Did

If you are reading this its safe to assume that you are looking at ways to get out of sales. If that’s the case then I’d like to introduce you to a couple of people who helped me do it 3 years ago. Stuart and Jay – an ex real estate salesman and an ex car parts salesman – were both burning out fast and knew there had to be something better.

They discovered internet marketing and the affiliate business model (the online version of commission based sales) and knew this was it. Since then they have created several 6, 7 and 8 figure online businesses.

Their training platform now passes their knowledge on thousands of people across the globe. They also offer a range of lucrative partnership options enabling you to earn chunky commissions as you learn.

Meet Stuart and Jay by clicking the link below and get a free 7-day video training series from them that explains the whole deal.


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