Learning From Black Friday Week

How To Make Every Week Black Friday Week

black friday week

So Black Friday week is upon us once again. Is it all just hype, designed to give Internet business its very own Valentines day, Mothers and Fathers days and Christmas all rolled into one? Or is it a modern phenomenon we could all learn a lesson from about what’s possible for almost everyone these days?

I think it’s a bit of both. Owing to its proximity to Christmas, the week starting on Friday 25th November has become a week where online sales go through the roof. Its only natural then for internet marketers to want to capitalise on this trend: Give it a fancy name, put some bargains and special offers together and soup up the marketing efforts.

What does it tell us about the possibilities open to all thanks to the internet? For one thing, a large chunk of the £billions generated during black Friday week is pocketed by solo entrepreneurs working from home. They’ve capitalised on the vast market available on Internet. They’ve realised that selling goods and services on the internet is a 24/7/365 possibility. They’ve learned how to use automation to take advantage of this vast, global market – one that gets bigger every day.

Getting Your Slice Of Black Friday Week

black friday weekBlack Friday week provides a little bump-up in the profits but in reality, an Internet business can make every day Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Not just in terms of money but also in terms of the lifestyle choices it provides.

You can run an online business with little more than a laptop and a broadband connection. That means you can run it from pretty much anywhere. Hence you have location freedom. The advertising, marketing – the actual sales – can be largely automated. Hence you have time freedom. The potential income as demonstrated by black Friday week sales figures, is limitless. Hence you have Financial freedom.

And it gets better still: The range of products and services you can sell online is incredibly broad. That means you can build a business around things you are passionate about or have experience or knowledge about. You can sell physical or digital products as an affiliate or as a reseller on Amazon, Ebay or many other platforms. That means you don’t need to create, store or handle products at all.

All You Need Is Knowledge

The only thing that is stopping you from taking advantage of this avalanche of opportunity is knowledge. And that knowledge is available. Not yet from schools, colleges or universities, but from the very people who created black Friday week: Internet marketers.

The people who have mastered these skills are not teaching in traditional ways for a monthly salary. They are in the trenches, making millions and living the sort of lives most people associate with rock stars, footballers and “celebrities”.

Two of them, Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek formed an education platform and community for online entrepreneurs 5 years ago. Since then it has gone from strength to strength with thousands of members, affiliates and partners across the world. They come from all walks of life and from all age groups.

Right now Stuart and Jay’s companies Six Figure mentors and Digital Experts Academy are offering something special. It’s a free 30 trial of their membership portal. They’ve waived their standard $29.95 application fee and now provide full access to their unique digital business system, basic training and community platform.

During the 30 days you’ll also have access to a business consultant, their digital skills platform and a free 7-day video training series on how to build a profitable online business. Just click on the image beneath to learn more. Making every week black Friday week for you and yours starts here!


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