Looking For Work From Home – Free?

looking for work from home

Looking For Work From Home But Don’t Want To Pay For The Privilege? 


Looking for work from home is an increasingly popular phrase these days. Its also the name of a Facebook group that I joined some time ago. I haven’t been very active in it for a number of reasons. I was so annoyed by a post that appeared in my newsfeed yesterday though that I felt obliged to comment. The post summed up the reasons why I haven’t contributed much and the debate that followed does the same.

In the looking for work from home group people either advertise work from home opportunities or state that they are looking for them. Yesterday’s post was this “If u gotta pay to start I believe its a scam….anyone know of real work at home jobs?”

My reply was that if someone is telling you it’s possible to start a work from home business that’s free THAT is a scam, or at least a horrible occupation: Stuffing envelopes springs to mind. A lot of people liked the comment and a conversation ensued that was hard to keep up with.

Loads of people posted links to MLM or network marketing type opportunities that cost a few bucks to join (another reason I haven’t been active in this group) There are thousands of these “join my team” opportunities out there but in my experience the only people making money in them are the ones with the teams.

Why Are You Looking For Work From Home? 

looking for work from homeSurely if you are looking for work from home you have a couple of reasons for doing it: A family to look after, a need for extra income, circumstances that mean you are home-bound or just a strong desire to escape the rat race. Why then would you want that to be soul destroying, badly paid work? Wouldn’t that just turn your home into a sweat-shop environment – not a great place to be.

The debate in the looking for work from home Facebook group continued to build until I lost interest and logged out. It struck me that most of the contributors have missed the point. They all seem to be promoting variations on the Herbalife, Tupperware, Anne Summers or Avon style stuff. These to me are just like working a job – but from home.

Clearly that appeals to a lot of people. Maybe it’s an easy model to understand but to me it’s as dated as the products themselves. It’s like turning your home into a call centre where you cold call people on the off chance that they might want to buy your, jewellery, perfume, coffee…. whatever, or to join your team and do the same.

Are You Looking for Work From Home Or A Better Life?

My advice to people looking to work from home would be to learn about affiliate marketing and to concentrate on high value products. This is a business model that uses all the advantages the internet and modern business systems. The only equipment we need is what most of us have at our disposal. It concentrates on matching goods, products and services to the people across the entire connected world who are actually looking for them.

It’s not so much a case of looking for work from home but working from anywhere you can connect a laptop to the internet. No cold calling, no team building, no reliance on outdated pay structures and no limit to what you can profit from or to how big you can scale it.

So if you happen to be looking for work from home why not broaden your horizons and tune into a free webcast by one of the most successful affiliate marketers on the planet on the link below.


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By Dave Menzies 
looking for work from home