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making an online income

Making An Online Income – Compliance 

compliantMaking an online income is joyous thing but it’s not all plain sailing. Today was one of those days that nobody told Van Morrison’s about. I woke up this morning (Da Da Da Da – lol) Checked the email and I’d made some money. Sent a couple emails from bed and got up to continue building my new, Google adwords compliant website. Went downhill from there…

Actually in the world of making an online income it’s just another day at the home office. It has become quite a saga though for various reasons. It all started when I watched the “Crush it with Youtube ads” course that became available to DEA Gold affiliates in the SFM back office recently. It’s truly amazing and I wanted to get started ASAP. Making an online income is all about using the best resources you can find after all.

So I followed the course and over a day or two set up everything that needed to be set up: I set up a new Youtube Channel, new adwords account and did all the linking and associating of them necessary to start advertising on the Youtube platform. Then I created the short, highly structured videos needed for this marketing strategy.

So as far as I knew then I was good to go. As a precaution and because I can, I booked a call with my DEA Gold coaches – just to run through it all with them and make sure I hadn’t missed anything. I had.

They pointed out a few minor tweaks but the biggie was that I would need an ultra compliant website to run the ads through. Making an online income these days – if you plan to do it with paid advertising – is all about compliance. My own authority site has far too much content to go through with a fine tooth comb so I took their advice and started building a new one just for Youtube ads.

Friends In High Places 

making an online incomeIn theory it’s not that much of a big deal. I’m not promoting any get rich quick nonsense – I’d lose my SFM and DEA account if I did. It’s more about being completely transparent – as defined by Google. Really it just means that they want visitors to your website to be able to see exactly what’s on offer without having to click on anything or do anything to get more detail.

As a marketer that’s slightly ironic because that’s really how internet marketing works – you want to create interest and get visitors taking action. If you’ve chosen good products and services to promote and have done your job right they are already looking for what you’ve got anyway.

Nevertheless – Thanks to the tools, resources and knowledgeable people SFM and DEA has given me access to, I was able to get the new site up and running in a few hours. I added privacy policy, earnings disclaimer and T&C pages an FAQ and about me page and some blog posts. Again I thought I was good to go but again I was wrong.

Another aspect of Google – and many other advertising platforms, is that they don’t like to see lots of websites sending traffic to the same Landing pages. Bit of a bug bear that one when making an online income as an affiliate marketer as that’s normally how it works. As an entrepreneur though, you just have to “Figure Shit out!” and find a way round. Luckily as an SFM and DEA affiliate I have lots of friends in high places to shout out to for help.

To cut this story short and get back to today’s point, this was the challenge: Although SFM and DEA’s landing pages and sales funnels are some of the best in the business they can’t be used in the normal way for this particular advertising strategy. Yet…

making an online income

Honesty’s The Best Policy

Without getting too techie, they need to be hosted on your own compliant website and to be unique. In other words they need to be recreated or built from scratch. SFM provide tools within their Digital Business Lounge that let you do this. At the moment though, and purely for the purposes of advertising on this particular platform, I realized I wanted a landing page/site builder that offered more design flexibility than is currently available.

So I decided to invest in Optimise Press – a WordPress plugin and theme that offers a ton of customisation possibilities. Buying it is a simple matter – you visit the site, choose the option you want and download it. Trouble is, OP is a very big file. This meant that I couldn’t upload it into my WordPress site in the normal way. It has to be done via FTP (File transfer Protocol)

As with everything to do with making an online income, SFM provide a tutorial on how to do that. It involves downloading a piece of software called Filezilla. When I tried to do that however, I couldn’t find a version that I could use on my ageing IMac.

Having just upgraded it’s memory though I thought I might as well update it to the latest operating system – Yosemite. Whilst I was doing that (takes about 90 minutes) I did some research into updating my IMac to Yosemite and decided it might not be such a good idea.

Making An Online Income – Working SH*T Out 

making an online income

While it’s getting old, my Mac suits me just fine as it is. It has older software that I love and use all the time and that might not work anymore. It also seemed that it might actually slow the machine down. I cancelled the update and decided to see if I could get Filezilla to run on my PC laptop instead.

That worked. I stuck the Optimise Press file on a memory stick and dropped it onto the PC. While I was doing all this I hopped onto Facebook and messaged another DEA member who has been through all this. I asked him if he could quickly talk me through it. He sent me a screenshot of where in the Filezilla program to place the files. What a guy!

So with all that done I just have to work through the new theme and start getting those landing pages done. It’s been a long process. But as with a lot of aspects of making an online income it’s well worth the effort. Once it’s done, it’s done. You then have a simple and quick process to use again and again.

You’ll probably gather (if you made it this far) that this would have been pretty torturous without the mega resources SFM and DEA provide their business partners. Beyond that it’s the whole SFM community thing too. Yes I have business coaches I can book sessions with but I also have hundreds of people I can talk to and get help from ASAP when I need it.

You’ll also gather that making an online income has its challenges and frustrations. It’s a fast moving industry. That makes it exciting though. The rewards are absolutely worth it. You put a chunk of work in to get a system in place then you just feed that system and look after it.

I would not even consider trying to start making an online income in these days of compliance without expert help and guidance. I get it from SFM, DEA and their wider community of Internet entrepreneurs. So could you. Just click on the image below to get their free video series and find out more.


making an online income