Making Money Work For You Instead of Blowing It On Buckets of Coffee

Making Money Work For You

how to make money work for you

I’m frequently asked by people interested in starting an online business “How much will it cost me?” A sensible question and one you’d be mad not to ask but it’s often asked in a sort of “here we go, wait for it…..”’ kind of style. Any from of self-investment such as starting a business or learning new skills is after all a way of making money work for you rather than the other way round. I find it weird that the fact there may be costs involved puts people off whilst they are happily burning money elsewhere on a daily basis.

How To Make Your Money Work For You (Instead of the other way round)

The way my day went south on me today made me reflect on the things we routinely blow money on compared to the things we are reluctant to invest it in. Acquiring new skill-sets to adapt to and profit from a changing world is surely one of the best ways of making money work you. If you can couple that with a low start-up cost business – an online business -you’ve won a watch. Haven’t you?

Back to my day. My car’s MOT was due today so I dropped it off at the testing garage and waited for my partner to pick me up for a lift home. When she arrived she didn’t look happy. One of her pupils (she’s a driving instructor) had driven over a fallen branch and now the car was not sounding good. Since we were already at a garage we asked them to check it out.

So to cut a long story short my friend (as Spandau Ballet once sang) We both got bills: For me slightly less hefty than I expected but not cheap, for my partner an unwelcome expense. For me my car is an unnecessary luxury but for her it’s her business. We both paid up.

How Is Money Working For You When It’s Simply Gone?

The point is that for me at least, this is money spent that is simply gone. Other than having a legally roadworthy car for another year, that money is not going to be working for me. It so happens that my annual road tax and insurance both fell due this month so it’s been a hefty outlay for something I could probably do without.

I ask people who ask the “how much will it cost me?” question to think about all the things you spend money on that are not making money work for you that you could probably do without: buckets of designer coffee, the latest phone, keeping a second car on the road. Now I’m not suggesting we all live frugal, luxury free lives for one second but I am suggesting that we could probably do with a perception shift when it comes to money.

making money work for you If you read Rich Dad Poor Dad, Think and Grow Rich or any of the thousands of books on the subject they all agree that making money work for you is the key to success. It’s like mortgage versus rent: With the mortgage you get a house at the end of it. With rent you don’t and it will have cost you more at the end of the day – money that is simply gone – to someone else – who probably invested it in business.

So leaving aside scepticism about online business in general, if you did all your due diligence, researched properly and got all your questions answered about an online business that has interested you, would you then go for it?  Because this happens with SFM and yet even after all that “proof”, people (who have responded to an advert and seen a lot of video content) are reticent. I bet those same people are having days like mine, moaning about the price of a fancy coffee or the cost of the latest Iphone but nevertheless handing over the cash because well you just do don’t you?

At the end of the day success or failure in business online or offline is down to hard work and making your money work for you. No real business in the world is or ever has been free to start, but I can tell you that going in to business as an SFM affiliate and student will cost less than it has cost me to have a car at my disposal for a year. Joining as a student and arming yourself with the best digital marketing training on the net will cost you less than a daily posh coffee.

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