Making Your First Ten Thousand Online – Turning A Crisis Into An Opportunity

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Making your first ten thousand online is a worthy goal. Once you’ve done it, and realise that you can do it again (and again) life changes. If you’ve never made a penny online despite trying it may be that you are setting your sights too high.

The internet is full of content all aimed making millions as an internet entrepreneur. But that’s an unrealistic aim when you are starting out. As all those wealthy laptop lifers will tell you its much easier to set a lower, achievable target and scale up.

Before we get to numbers and strategies there are a couple of things to understand about making money on the internet. 

  1. Its a process. You need to put a few essential things in place to enable that process. 
  2. The money shouldn’t actually be the primary goal 

Lets look at those two points in a little more detail. 

If you think about the last thing you bought on the internet you’ll have seen the process in action. It probably went something like this: You were looking for something and typed whatever that thing was into Google. You were then presented with a page of options. Actually you were probably presented with hundreds of pages of options. Chances are you clicked on something near the top the first page. 

You then probably went to a landing page where you saw more information about the thing and were able to buy it. There’s a very good chance also that you were asked for your name and email on that page. Maybe you were given a free gift – an ebook or a video in exchange.

The Money Comes Later

Whether you went ahead and bought the thing or not, you are now on a list. You’ll start to receive emails from the seller. Hopefully they’ll provide you with some valuable information, reviews and links to related products. If they are not too salesy you might find yourself buying from that seller again.

Alternatively you may have found your thing on Amazon, through a social media post or via a Youtube video review. There are lots of places to find information about whatever you are looking for  online and lots of places to buy it. The process is always basically the same. And that brings us to point 2.

There’s a good chance that wherever you chose to make your purchase was influenced by something other than the cost which is the basically same wherever you buy it. As an example, I buy most of my things on Amazon. If I’m comparing different versions of a similar thing – most recently a smartphone gimbal, the reviews influence my decision. 

There may be a slight difference in price but I’ll be swayed by reviews and tutorials. In other words I’ve been given some extra value other than just “buy this – it’s great”.

How To Think About Making Your First Ten Thousand Online

And that is how you should be thinking about making your first ten thousand online. How can you offer a ton of value. The ammount of value you offer will have a direct correlation on how often you make that ten thousand. 

Back to the process for a minute. For the internet marketer the process starts before you even type your thing into Google. They know what they’ve got to sell and have a ton of information at their disposal about the people who are looking for it.

They know for example what those people are going to type into a search engine. The search engine tells them this and they have taken the time to analyse these keywords and the motivation of those typing them. 

Then they have spent more time tailoring the parts of the process – ads, websites, landing pages, giveaways to push all the right buttons and get the sale, or at least the email. This is all based on trail and error and on data. But essentially they have put themselves in the shoes of the person that typed the keyword. That is the secret to making your first ten thousand online and beyond.

Next is the numbers. Making your first ten thousand online – lets say dollars – can be done in numerous ways. You could make ten thousand one dollar sales, One hundred hundred dollar sales, five two thousand dollars sales or one ten thousand dollar sale. Obviously the value you have to provide increases with the unit cost. But again research and data are your friends here. 

Where And How To Get The Things

If you’re with me so far you are probably thinking about  the things themselves. Where do you get them? How do you get them in front of people? How do you set up the process? 

There are several long established internet business models you can leverage that don’t require you to even own your own products. You don’t need to store them, arrange delivery or create the marketing materials of sales processes yourself. 

8 figure Internet entrepreneur and co-founder of Six Figure mentors and Digital Experts Academy Stuart Ross has put together a free webcast you might be interested in watching. It’s called how to turn a crisis into an opportunity and is aimed at showing you how to make your fist 10k online. 

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Picture of internet success coach Stuart Ross which is a clickable link to register for his free webcast about making your first ten thousand online

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