Are You Profiting From Technology Yet?

profiting from technology

Profiting From Technology Has Never Been Easier

profiting from technologyIt’s not surprising that so many people are profiting from technology these days. Given how accessible, user friendly and inexpensive it all is these days, to say nothing of how it has opened doors to so much opportunity. That opportunity comes from the ease of communication that we all have with our commonplace multi-function devices.

The picture above is from a fun little interlude myself and a friend had yesterday. We are both profiting from technology as we build our digital businesses probably because we don’t take it for granted.

Having seen how quickly the internet and mobile technology has advanced over the last 20 years we see the potential. Both being members of SFM we’ve had our eyes opened to what you can do with all this in terms of creating income and lifestyle choices.

Just to explain what we were up to and how it’s relevant to profiting from technology: The picture is of me taking a picture of my friend during a video conversation we were having on our iphones. We were initially wandering round our respective homes (hundreds of miles apart) as we chatted but then I decided to stick him on my window.

He’d actually just been trying Facetime for the first time when he called. This gave me the opportunity to try out my new flexible cradle and tieclip mic input for the phone. Basically we were just having a laugh.

Profiting From Technology For The NonTechnical

Profiting from technologyWe met at an SFM momentum day in London 18 months ago and just hit it off. Ever since we’ve been doing a weekly Skype call to exchange ideas and generally try and help each other out with our digital enterprises. Normally this means I see his living room and he sees the Jimi Hendrix poster I have behind me in my home office.

So doing the Iphone walk around was a nice change for us. But what does that mean in terms of profiting from technology? For one thing – I’m selling my house (online of course) and my friend works part time in an estate agents. For ages now we’ve been talking about selling digital marketing services to estate agents.

With just an iphone and a couple of accessories you can do a video walk through of a property. You could even do it live as we did yesterday. With a little imagination you can see a million marketing possibilities.

This kind of technology makes taking part in conference calls, webinars and hangouts a snap. But that’s just scratching the surface. As the world continues to look for and buy more and more goods and services via the internet on mobile devices the opportunities only widen.

The World Really Is Our Oyster

profiting from technologyIt’s not difficult to leverage all this and start profiting from technology. To do so offers the possibility of earning your daily bread from anywhere and at any time. I’m at an age when I can remember having absolutely none of this.

I remember my dad bringing home a Sinclair ZX81 and spending hours writing the code just to build a crappy tennis game: The ball was a big square pixel and the raquets were two vertical lines. It seemed magical. I also remember my friends and I travelling 25 miles to Prestwick airport by bus just to play Space Invaders in the departure lounge. Years later I remember seeing the early versions of email and internet via slow dial up connections. It didn’t matter that it took 10 minutes to send or receive – you were talking to someone in America for god’s sake! How things have changed.

Maybe that’s why I find it strange that so many people take what we have now for granted and just use it for social communication. That of course is great too but profiting from technology is actually life changing in so many ways.

As I mentioned, in between larking about with iphones my friend and I are both digital entrepreneurs and members of SFM. If you want to learn about profiting from technology these are the guys to learn it from. You can see what they are all about but clicking the link below.


profiting from technology




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