The Importance of a Mentor to Entrepreneurs

the importance of a mentor

The Importance of a Mentor When Starting an Online Business

the importance of a mentor

The importance of a mentor when starting an online business is one of the key areas we cover in our weekly Success by Hangout webinar. I can’t stress how important it is to be guided by a mentor or mentors who have been there, seen it and done it. Its also a key component in the SFM and DEA educational platform. Here’s why.

Whilst I’m talking specifically about online business, the importance of a mentor has been widely stressed by successful entrepreneurs in all types of business. When I searched the term before writing this blog post, I found articles by Richard Branson, Anthony Robbins and Robert Kiyosaki, to name a few. So it’s certainly nothing new. It’s an established and accepted fact amongst entrepreneurs and business leaders.

When you think about it, learning new skills by leveraging the experiences of those who have already acquired them is a no-brainer. Its what happens to most of us from an early age when we go to school and extends to later life. College and university lecturers, workplace trainers, personal trainers and managers are all basically mentors.

The Importance Of A Mentor – What They Do

the importance of a mentorAll of them will confirm the importance of a mentor too and will often refer to their own mentors to prove the point. But in terms of starting an online business what do mentors actually do for you?

Put it this way: Would you consider people who have built huge businesses in their chosen field and have taught thousands across the world to do the same as go-to people to have as a mentor if you wanted to do the same? Would business mentoring from them seem like a good idea?

With Six Figure Mentors and the Digital Experts Academy they do a lot. In essence mentoring is available at multiple levels. At all levels the founders themselves Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek provide a high degree of mentorship. This is in the form of recorded video, regular live webinars and a host of legacy training modules.

For those who want to progress through the various levels in the organisation as DEA and SFM partners, access to one to one mentoring becomes available. First in the form of a 6 week remote classroom training programme then with unlimited one to one mentoring for 12 months.

The Importance of a Mentor For Growth

the importance of a mentorThere are also live workshop events throughout the year. In this way members can decide where they want to position themselves in line with their business goals and receive mentoring designed to achieve them. The importance of a mentor at this level is actually priceless in my mind.

With SFM the people providing mentoring are actually also engaged in business mentoring on an international level. They include best selling authors on their subject, renowned speakers and entrepreneurs at the very top of their game.

Could you do it without a mentor? Possibly but without doubt you’d make needless mistakes and take far longer to reach your goals. Access to guidance from people who can demonstrate a high level of success in a field you want to master is extremely valuable. That’s the importance of a mentor. They know what works and what doesn’t. They are in the trenches as it were.



A mentor is not there to hand you everything on a plate. Their role is to guide, encourage and give the benefit of experience. When starting a business that’s as much to do with mindset and personal development as it is to do with practical areas of the business. It can general or concentrated on specific areas. The DEA work with a wide range of specialist mentors on a partnership level. All of them can demand high fees for their services independently – proof again of the importance of a mentor.

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the importance of a mentor

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By Dave Menzies

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