The Key To Getting Quality Traffic Online

getting quality traffic

Getting Quality Traffic That’s Already There 

getting quality trafficGetting quality traffic – “Aston Martin traffic” – to your website, blog and offers is the holy grail of online marketing. We need to remember though that the traffic is already there. We don’t need to create it in other words. Really we just need to get our share. Defining our share is the key. No matter what methods we use, getting quality traffic is the goal.

The internet used to be referred to as the information super highway. That’s a good way to think of it even if that term isn’t used much anymore. Think of internet traffic as the vehicles using a massive 20, 100 or 1000 lane highway that’s in permanent rush hour.

There are all sorts of vehicles on the highway and they are all using it for different reasons. Each vehicle contains individuals all with their own interests, desires, problems and needs. Then think of millions of advertising billboards lining the highway – each vying for the attention of the people in the vehicles.

Clearly not every person is going to notice or be interested in every billboard. They’ll focus on the ones that grab their attention and address their individual interests, desires, problems and needs. Getting quality traffic is about being that billboard for that person.

Getting Quality Traffic – No Deadwood

getting quality trafficSo with that picture in mind it just makes sense to decide which of those individuals you want to see YOUR billboards. You then focus just on them – before you even design the billboard. Before you even decide where to put it. In other words you clearly define and understand your audience. That way you’re getting quality traffic and not just any traffic.

Once you have defined your audience – your share of the superhighway – things can get exciting. Because with the internet we have far more effective ways of meeting and engaging with them than the billboards in our imaginary example.

There are lots of places we can research our chosen audience. Search engines, social media platforms, specialist research sites like Quantcast, forums and blogs to name just a few, can all give us huge amount of information. They can tell us what our chosen audience really wants, where they hang out online and how they look for the things they want. That’s how to approach getting quality traffic that buys.

Because make no mistake, the internet is where most people now go first for what they are looking for. The Internet also gives us the power to get in front of them right then and to make a sale right then. IF we get our “billboards” right and IF they genuinely provide the solution.

The Power In Our hands 

How can we use this power for getting quality traffic? Lots of ways. We can start with a product or service or without one. If we have something to sell we can research the existing market as described – define the right traffic and go after it.

Or we can by looking at what audiences actually exist and look for products and services to satisfy them. Places like Amazon and Ebay provide screeds of information on what’s selling right now. Once those are known we can easily find and market those products and services and sell them for commission as affiliates.

So hopefully this has helped. Getting quality traffic online is all about research then testing. When we start advertising to a tightly defined audience we are off to a head start. That doesn’t mean we’ll get it right first time. That’s seldom the case.

We still need to experiment with different words, different images – different billboards. Again most online advertising platforms let us very accurately find what works and what doesn’t. Then we can stop doing the things that aren’t working on our audience and start scaling the things that do.

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getting quality traffic

By Dave Menzies