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The Six Figure Mentors and Digital Experts Academy founders Stuart Ross and Jay Kubbasek host their founders call webinar on the first Thursday of every month. It’s a web based get together between them and their membership family and I look forward to them avidly. One reason is that we get to hear about all the stuff they are working on, another is that it’s just plain good to see and at times interact with them. Most of all its to bathe for a couple of hours in the extraordinary vision they have. And for a laugh. That’s very important.

Just for background if you haven’t read any of my previous posts. Both Stuart and Jay are guys who saw the potential of online affiliate marketing a decade or so ago. This was well after the initial dot com boom and bust – really at the start of the second coming of the digital economy. They knuckled down and with, as they freely share, a desire to do nothing more than make a ton of money.

Before starting The Six Figure Mentors, Stuart was already a successful estate agent and Jay was selling car mufflers (exhaust pipes) Both though were fed up with the long hours, limits to what they could earn, and crappy lifestyles they found themselves living. So they were both very driven individuals.

So continents apart and as yet unknown to each to each other, they found mentors and applied themselves to learning, mastering and succeeding at this new affiliate marketing thing. In those days this meant hours spent in front of the computer placing ads, researching and contributing to forums, talking to people on the phone, gradually building lists of subscribers and spending every spare minute and spare penny on scaling things up.

The results? Both became millionaires in their twenties. They lived the lives that most twenty something millionaires would lead – especially when the money was rolling in even as they slept. After a year or two of sunning themselves on caribbean beaches, sitting on elephants in Thailand, rattling around in Lambo’s and Porches and buying mansions this wasn’t enough. People as driven as this find the semi-retired lifestyle of the new rich kind of dull. They saw a lot of their peers burn out, self-destruct and basically just, like many a rock star, lose their way.

So they decided, again separately to put together everything they had learned and create businesses of their own aimed at teaching all this to others. Obviously this created more income but really – if that was the only goal why bother? It’s not like they needed the money. So the Six Figure Mentors and Digital Experts Academy was conceived.

The Six Figure Mentors – Elephants, Flash Cars and Reality 


In time both built big names and became in demand expert speakers and business mentors. They created educational membership platforms and after meeting at an industry event, realised that they shared the same vision and became partners in and co-founders of The Six Figure Mentors and Digital Experts Academy .

So what is that vision? Both Stu and Jay got to hating the standard MLM and affiliate style of business: The mass rallies where the speakers and “gurus”, only wanted to sell something and didn’t actually like spending time with their affiliates. They just wanted more sales, more cars and yachts. The churn and burn nature of the business.

Their vision was to have a membership business that was more like a community of friends. People who actually wanted to spend time together – customers who they would be happy to sit with at the bar and who they could work with as partners. They wanted to instil that philosophy through the community – a global business community with a shared desire to attract only people who “got it”.

To that end the Six Figure Mentors business combines an education in digital marketing and developing an entrepreneurial mindset with an optional, high -level affiliate business (The Digital Experts Academy). They developed and keep developing an elegant digital business system that provides all of the tools, resources and specific systems that are needed in doing business online.

So in short – we are living in a time where we can choose and create exactly the lives we want by leveraging modern technology. The Six Figure Mentors and DEA vision is to give individuals everything they need to do that. But it has to be fun. It has to be based on building a business you love. It’s about you yourself being the business – your values, Yourtopia.

To find out more hear it better from Stuart and Jay by having a look at their website on the link below.

the six figure mentors

The Six Figure Mentors Big Vision

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By Dave Menzies 

Building Yourtopia