The Six Figure Mentors – Building Yourtopia

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The Six Figure Mentors – Building Your Personal Utopiathe six figure mentors Six Figure Mentors vision is to help as many people around the world build their personal ideal lives. I like to call this building Yourtopia. By that I mean your personal ideal life – as ideal as is possible that is. I’m not referring to any kind of notion that there is such a thing as a universal utopia: A one size fits all world. Everyone is different despite centuries of programming designed to make as many as possible fit into an easily managed pigeonhole. Now we don’t have to and I love that. 

The world and its possibilities for the individual have changed beyond measure in recent times. The old way of doing things has been left behind by the leaps and bounds technology has taken. It’s a bit like the old highland warriors, trained to fight only way and completely defeated by a new technique: “What ! they’re using both hands !”

In the new world – call it the digital economy – everyone has an opportunity to reinvent themselves, to create their personal utopias. It doesn’t matter whether that involves an expensive condo in Miami with a couple of flash cars in the basement garage or a doublewide airstream in the desert.The Six Figure Mentors platform works for any size of dream. It’s not a new age daydream either. Those days are long gone – this is a modern reality.

Whether yourtopia sees you manning the helm of a multinational business empire or shooting beer cans from a deck chair in the middle of nowhere, you can have it. Generating your income in the digital economy is simply the modern way to work. Like every advance in technology its just progress. It’s less labour intensive and more efficient.

Building Yourtopia With The Six Figure Mentors Platform

If this sounds implausible consider take a look at a few examples of people already living in their personal utopia’s, some thanks directly to The Six Figure Mentors but all through leveraging what is now just basic technology.

The Hiace Hobo.

six figure mentorsI heard about him through a friend of mine in The Six Figure Mentors recently. He lives out of a Hiace van, generating income online my affiliate marketing and blogging about his travels. When I heard about him he was currently based in the Scoraig community who are a self sufficient community living on a remote peninsula near Ullapool in Scotland. I use to go festivals they held in fact so was doubly interested in his story -or at least this part of it. He may well have moved on since then.





The the Modern Nomad

the six figure mentorsHe’s a Swedish guy who travels in comparative luxury , settling wherever he likes for as long as he likes before moving on. Not quite a nomad in the accepted sense but living a – pickup and move on – lifestyle supported by digital marketing and blogging – informing the world about the lifestyle choice he has made.His mission statement is “To explore how a modern nomadic life can best be geo-independent, sustainable and eudaemonic.” 





the six figure mentorsThe Laptop Lifestyle Experts

They are highly regarded founder members of the Six Figure Mentors community and while based in London, do house swaps all over the world when, where and for however long they want to. They have replaced their old corporate salaries easily and run their online affiliate and coaching business from their laptops. They’ve even written a book about it.




the six figure mentorsThe Six Figure Mentors and Digital Experts Academy Co-founders.

Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek have both built multiple 6-8 figure online businesses. Their company provides the education and business systems that enable people to transition to this new way of living. They spend their lives travelling the world, running their businesses and relocating whenever the mood takes them. The flexibility this lifestyle offers means that they never buy return tickets.




These are just a few examples of what’s possible and has been achieved by learning how to leverage the internet’s ceiling free potential. All of the above craved freedom above all else.

Now all this may sound like the lazy man’s dream come true but it’s certainly not that. It can take some time building yourtopia to the point where it becomes reality. You need to be up for a great deal of self development and hard work before things get to the stage where you have a largely automatic income. But boy is it worth it. It’s a different journey for everyone who takes it but it’s creating a community dedicated to world change.

If you are interested in building Yourtopia and want to know exactly what’s involved, I recommend you take a look at the Six Figure Mentors and Digital Experts Academy platform. It’s creators Stuart and Jay, who I mentioned earlier, have basically reverse engineered their success and have left no stone unturned in providing realistic Yourtopia seekers with everything needed to build successful online businesses and to scale them to whatever level they want to.

Simply click on the link below to sign up for their free explanatory video series.

the six figure mentors




The Six Figure Mentors – Building Yourtopia  

By Dave Menzies

the six figure mentors