Do Top SEO Consultants Cold Call?

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When Top SEO Consultants Phone

cold callersSo last week I answered the phone around 4pm to guess what? – Yes another cold call (why do businesses still do this??) But this was a little different. The caller was an American lady representing a Top SEO consultants firm– very polite but pretty pushy and claiming to be from “Business Development”. What followed was interesting.

She asked if I was Dave Menzies owner of and if I was still working with Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek. I was a little intrigued so I confirmed those details. She then told me her company (as yet known only as Business Development) could seriously help get my website ranked on page 1 of Google (yawn)……They were after all, top seo consultants.

So if could just jump on my computer immediately she would go through a presentation with me – Now. Apart from not liking to be bossed around, my little used landline is not near my computer so I said no. As I say, I was a little intrigued so suggested another time to call when I could get a laptop or ipad to the phone.

When that time came she went through an SEO explanation for dummies kind of thing: Did I know about keywords?, did I know that being on page one of Google was pretty good? Etc. Fast losing patience, I explained that whilst I’m no SEO expert I’m hardly a novice and that I do work with one of the best internet marketing training companies in the world.

Anyway, we struggled on. I found the top seo consultants website she pointed me to and went through the presentation. This basically involved me giving her a few keywords I’d liked to be ranked for. Those were fed into software that brought up the number of searches on 20 search engines. It showed me how many searches there were and where my site presently ranked for them.

The Top SEO Consultants With The Shocking SEO

bad2This was all very interesting but pretty inconclusive. I butted into her sales flow and said OK I get what your offering here so if you could just send me a price list I’ll think it over – employing top seo consultants isn’t high in my priorities right now (or in my budget) What followed reminded me so much of buying a car that I nearly laughed.

She came back with the old “Actually my sales manager is just passing by and has overheard some of our chat. He can tell that you have some expertise here and to be honest, I’m a little of my depth”, Can I hook you up with him to go through the price and details?” No.

Needless to say the prices never arrived. The phone rang at 4pm on the next few days but I didn’t answer. What I did do however was some research. Armed after our call with their actual company name and website I consulted my best friend Google to see what I could find out about this firm of top seo consultants

The first thing to do in this scenario is to search for reviews on a company. What did I find? Bad reviews, masked (hidden) domain name, pretty bad SEO ironically – enough to suggest steering well clear. I also followed a link on their site to a Facebook page – even better! There was almost no content and only one comment in their review section, which was very negative. Wow ! These top seo consultants guys really know their stuff! Lol

Further investigation into their prices revealed a flat fee of $2000 for their “services”. Needless to say those “services were pretty vague.

You’ll Probably Know When You Need Top SEO Consultants….

This is all points to two things. First there are a lot of people out there who know nothing about SEO, page rankings and what they mean. Second there are a lot of people out there who are ripping them off – fake seo consultants.

It’s actually pretty easy to get onto page one of Google for a keyword. What that does for you though depends entirely on what that keyword is and how many people are looking for it. You could for instance get there with “ Dave likes marmite” but who would be looking for that?

Again with, the joy of hindsight why would a top SEO consultancy company be cold calling on a telephone? Wouldn’t they have been better using their SEO expertise to get me online where I spend most of my time? Be warned. There are obviously some very good seo people out there but it’s a very complicated thing the old seo.

If you don’t have even a good general understanding of it best leave it alone. You’ll probably know when you get to the stage where it’s something you need to invest in. When that time comes go looking for them online. The good ones don’t tend to do cold calling.

Long before then you’ll want to know how do internet marketing properly – like these dunces should have! A good place to start would be SFM’s website. You can visit it on the link below.

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By Dave Menzies