Why You Should Be An Independent Affiliate

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Independent Affiliate – More Eggs, More Baskets 

independent affiliateHere’s a great example of why its best to be an independent affiliate marketer. I was recently contacted by a guy who’s doing research for a book about Banners Broker. He asked If I would be interested in being interviewed about my own experience with the business. When I asked what he hoped to achieve he answered : “Hopefully to inform, explain and educate. Also I think it is a great story which shines a light on many aspects of human behaviour.” He’s not wrong there!

There’s certainly a book ‘s worth there so I agreed. I’ve written about BB before so won’t be doing that in detail here. Instead I’d like to concentrate on why being an independent affiliate marketer is a much better option than any single business opportunity for any one looking to start making money online.

Banners Broker is certainly a good example for my argument. Like Zeek rewards before it, BB offered an online business that anyone could start. A mix of affiliate marketing, MLM and advertising, you could start with a small “investment” and quickly grow the business by recruiting other affiliates, buying traffic or both.

Independent Affiliate Marketing V Business Opportunity Seeker

independent affiliateFor many people it seemed like the dream come true. It lasted for the better part of 3 years. Many people made some good some money and many didn’t. After a rollercoaster ride of issues, scandals, gossip and mismanagement it has ended in the courts – probably for years to come. If a book emerges covering that journey it will make interesting reading.

My point is that BB’s growth model was based on sound business principles. Models like affiliate marketing, MLM and network marketing can be applied to any product or service. The problem here was that the product itself just didn’t stand up to the test of time. There are loads of reasons for that – look out for the book. Whether it turns out to be or evolved into a scam/ponzi/fraud is kind of immaterial.

The process for growing an online business as an independent affiliate is the same no matter what the end product or service happens to be. If you learn that process and how to market online you no longer need to rely on any one of them for your income.

No Guarantees and No Manual

Towards the end of their run BB’s CEO and management were actually trying to get affiliates thinking that way – like entrepreneurs. After all when you decide to take a punt on a brand new business idea like BB there are no guarantees. There is no manual, nowhere to turn to for past experience. It’s a shot in the dark.

My Banners Broker Experience eventually led me to that conclusion and to the Six Figure Mentors. They were very much singing from the same hymnbook: Don’t rely on business opportunities and get into that cycle of moving from one to the next when things go wrong. There’s no need. As an independent affiliate you have transferable skills and there is no shortage of options.

Instead concentrate on developing the skills and using the systems that can be applied to tried, tested and proven products and services. Things that people already want and need. Much easier than reinventing the wheel or investing in something that just might work.

Where To Start As An Independent 

independent affiliate

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As an independent affiliate marketer you can find and profit from almost anything you can think of. The key is in finding the ones that there is a demand for and acquiring the skills and applying the online systems that connect them to you.

That’s what SFM is all about. Their founders dabbled in “opportunities” before discovering this for themselves and making millions from marketing high demand products online. In Stuart Ross’s case it was dating services, health and fitness products and even E-cigarettes.

He and his business partner then realized there was a vast market out there for teaching these real world, modern skills. They reverse engineered what worked for them into something unique. A community based training platform coupled with a turnkey digital business system and high commission affiliate option.

They are not aiming for the opportunity seeker market but for individuals who have been there, done that, and are now looking for a real, sustainable online business.

If you’ve been on the opportunity treadmill or have seen the potential of an online business but aren’t sure which way to go check out SFM. Register for a free webcast with Stuart Ross explaining their approach, franchise style business and independence message. Just click on the link below.

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By Dave Menzies