New Facebook Advertising Strategies

Facebook Advertising Strategies – New

facebook advertising strategiesAll change ! (again) Facebook advertising has just gone through – or will be going through – depending on where you are in the world, some more changes. These are good changes however. Lets take a look at some of the new Facebook advertising strategies these changes make possible.

With the addition of the power editor as discussed in my previous blog, things had already improved. The ability to produce link images on newsfeed posts and to make posts unpublished or “dark posts” made a vast improvement to results.

This meant that clicks on or around the larger image could be directed straight to a landing page. Previously the click simply opened the image in a new window. To get to the landing page or blog etc, another click on the link was necessary.

Evolving Facebook Advertising Strategies

Coupled with the additional statistics and custom audiences features, things were looking good advertisers. Yesterday I noticed that the now unpopular left side ads (those tiny little very obvious ads) had become much larger. This is apparently available to some at present but to all advertisers soon.

Since Facebook is a very image driven platform – all those cute cats and memes – this has to be good. Bigger images are obviously more eye catching and “click inviting” apart from anything else.

I watched a video by Internet big shot Frank Kern yesterday. He was interviewing another two IM legends Andy Jenkins and Mike Filsaime. These guys are  experts on Facebook advertising strategies and shared a whole lot more about what’s already here and what’s coming from the advertising side of things on everyone’s favourite Social media platform.

This is pretty advanced stuff indeed. In fact Andy and Mike have created a training course dedicated to it. Facebook already makes a lot of information available to advertisers that make accurate audience targeting very easy. This until now has been based around information that Facebook members freely contribute.

With the increase in mobile technology – posting remotely from phones, however, a whole new world of possibilities is opening up. Say for example you are in a car showroom looking for your next car: You post on Facebook, or tweet from there. That information is now on your timeline and goes into the information stored. That is now recorded and available for advertisers use and build into their Facebook advertising strategies.

Facebook Advertising Strategies that Really Work

So if you were promoting products that you know appeals to Rolls Royce owners you can now add that info to your “bucket” of audience information. You could also search for look alike audiences based on other stored information about Rolls Royce owners.

If our Rolls customer actually bought the Rolls they were looking at in our example, and posted that – advertisers now have that info too. Maybe the RR is an extreme example. Lets switch to health products. If Facebook can provide audiences made of people who have already bought a health product and you are promoting something similar…. Need I say more?

facebook advertising strategies

Frank Kern Interviewing Mike and Andy

There’s a hell of a lot more to this. Frank’s interview video was 45 minutes long and covered one specific ad campaign that the two marketers were running. Using all the advanced Facebook advertising strategies they teach, this campaign turned a $2400 ad spend into a $60K profit with much more still to come.

You may think that all this stuff is intrusive. Depends entirely on your attitude to marketing but it’s what makes Facebook one of the world’s most profitable organisations. It is in their interest to make advertisers profitable and therefore happy, repeat customers.

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