How To Master Facebook Marketing

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Common Sense Facebook Marketing Training 

facebook marketingI’ve just completed a pretty amazing 90 day Facebook kickstarter mastermind delivered by the guys at Satori Prime. I’m sure everyone else on the course would agree that it wasn’t quite what we’d expected – it was much, much more than just another course on Facebook marketing.

You might expect that a course aimed at teaching how to market on Facebook at an advanced level would be mainly about advertising. Obviously that’s a big part of the course but it comes nearer the end than the beginning.

Satori Prime’s Facebook kickstarter mastermind covers a lot of common sense ground before getting to the ads themselves. Common sense though can only work when you can separate the wood from the trees. I’ll explain what I mean.

To most marketers Facebook marketing is the obvious strategy. It’s an easy platform to advertise on with a massive audience to reach for a start. So many newbie marketers just jump straight in and start advertising with only a few assumptions about who they are advertising to.

Not surprisingly the results with this approach to Facebook marketing are usually poor so the newbie marketer decides that Facebook marketing just doesn’t work. Tell that to guys like Guy and Ilan from Satori prime who are actually in the process of trying to spend much more on Facebook advertising – $250K per year to be precise – and they’ll chuckle.

How To NOT Lose Money With Facebook Marketing

facebook marketingLuckily though they can also teach you how to do Facebook marketing properly. That starts with (as common sense would suggest) A lot of research. So that’s where the Facebook kickstarter mastermind course begins. You learn how and where to gather the information on the audience you are looking to target on Facebook.

This is a 3 hour session – as students of the course you have recordings of all the sessions for ever – and covers a lot of ground. The guys demonstrate the process they use in real time using a product or service suggested by the students. They share lots of online resources and strategies during the session and demonstrate how to use the gathered information to start building an advertising campaign.

On each course the students set up a group session themselves. As the training is held bi-weekly this gives everyone a chance to compare notes, share results and support each other on the weeks in between.

In the next session students go through the research they’ve doing and get some help, advice, pointers and encouragement. This is a hands on style of learning – transformative learning – where students learn to lose assumptions and misconceptions along the way. That’s powerful in all walks of life, Facebook marketing aside.

After these sessions the course moves on to actual Facebook advertising campaigns. Everything is covered from setting up the images, copy and audience for the campaign to setting the best budget. There’s a lot to cover here and the course is suitable for any marketer: Affiliate marketers who have sales funnels and marketing materials already in place or those starting from scratch with their own products.

Learning Facebook Marketing From The Best 

facebook marketingAgain, a lot of resources, shortcuts and suggested additional systems are provided. A follow up session gives everyone a chance to have their campaigns given an expert critique.

The final 2 sessions inn the Facebook kickstarter mastermind cover the extremely important areas of tracking and scaling advertising campaigns. This is really where the successful Facebook marketing guys spend a lot of their time. I’m not a number guy myself but this stuff seriously made me more interested in that side of things.

This course covers a hell of a lot of ground so I can’t possibly cover everything here. Suffice to say if you are new or experienced marketer Satori prime’s Facebook kickstarter mastermind covers everything you need to know. It’s a powerful mix of common sense, self-development, psychology and practical learning. Facebook marketing is “just” marketing at the end of the day but it’s a unique playing field and needs a unique approach.

Best of all when you take this Facebook marketing course it doesn’t just end there. You are a lifetime “Academy member”. The group sessions continue, all of the course material, recordings and resources are yours to keep. This means it’s an ongoing process. You can refer back to class materials and continue to network with Satori Prime and your fellow students.

You also get a bunch of bonus courses on Youtube marketing, solo ads and setting up niche Facebook business pages. These are in themselves very powerful mini-courses.

If you’d like to learn more about Facebook kickstarter and Satori Prime’s other courses click on the banner below.


By Dave Menzies