The Importance of Creative Thinking

the importance of creative thinking

The Importance of Creative Thinking – Led Zeppelin 4?

the importance of creative thinking














The importance of creative thinking is the message I took from a book I was reading this week. . It’s a book about the making of Led Zeppelin’s untitled 4th album. The mighty Zep are my favourite band of all time: Top three at least. I know a fair bit of their story but hadn’t really thought of it in the context of the importance of creative thinking until now.

Despite being one of the most successful band of all time Led Zeppelin actually had a hard time of it as far as the music press goes. They were either ignored by them or passed off as being derivative and too flashy with their success. Why? The main reason seems to be that were making huge amounts of money from their recordings and endless touring.

It was simply not cool in those days to actually make money from your art. Many of Zep’s peers were not. This is where the revolutionary thinking came in not just musically but in terms of business in the form of industry-changing management from the mighty Peter Grant. The importance of creative thinking in business is a lesson he taught many an impresario.

Grant struck deals with record companies and promoters that were unheard of at the time. He made sure that the lion’s share of the money went to the band from both record sales and live performance. It’s worth pointing out that this band has probably sold more albums than the Beatles – original albums that is – not compilations and re-hashes. So we are talking a LOT of money.

Reading about the way Grant and Jimmy Page decided to market the 4th album reveals some very canny thinking. Were it not for the deals that big Peter had forced through its unlikely the album could have been released, so revolutionary were the ideas around it. Jimmy Page was actually one of the worlds most sought after session guitarists before forming LZ. From this experience He knew the importance of creative thinking

The Importance of Creative Thinking Even it Looks Like Brand Suicide

the importance of creative thinkingFor a start it doesn’t actually have a name. Page’s policy from the start had been to let the music speak for itself. The first 3 albums were simply Led Zeppelin 1, 11 and 111. The 4th has no name although it’s usually thought of as Led Zeppelin 1V. Check if you have it – there is no title. Industry suicide? – Well no. Importance of creative thinking – yes.

Next up the band decided to play on some of the rumours and mystique that surrounded them. This had come about partly by design and partly by the band’s minimal publicity policy. They didn’t do many interviews or take part in the usual publicity circus.

They were thought of as a bit secretive. They even took a long break before starting on this 4th album even though it was going to make or break them. Knowing the importance of creative thinking they knew they needed a recharge of the creative batteries.

Using this background to their advantage they used the infamous Four Symbols to represent the band members instead of their names. They also used an intriguing image of an old man with sticks on his back. All of this sort of added to the bands rumoured interest in the occult and completely hit the bullseye in the band’s existing fan base. It also launched them into the awareness of a whole new generation. The rest is rock history.

To me this is a master class in marketing and the importance of creative thinking. You start with a great product, build a great brand around it and make it stand out from the crowd with superb, original strategies. Ok with Peter Grant there was apparently quite a lot of brute force involved along with the cleverness but you could say the same about some of the advertising we see today.

This is the kind of maverick approach to marketing and branding truly unique products that I love. Its evident in all the brands I personally love and use. Truly amazing, groundbreaking things need that treatment – they are not ordinary.

We need revolutionary thinkers don’t you agree? I mean The people who have the big dreams, mad ideas and the balls to follow through. They overcome every obstacle in their way and do not let naysers, doubters or dated thinking stop them. They know the importance of creative thinking.

The Led Zeppelin of the Internet marketing space as far as I’m concerned are SFM and DEA. Find out why but checking their 7 video series with the link below.

the importance of creative thinking

The Importance of Creative Thinking – Led Zeppelin 4?

By Dave Menzies

the importance of creative thinking