living the life you really want

living the life you really want

living the life you really wantAre you living the life you really want? If the answer is yes congratulations! You’re one of the few that can honestly say that. If the answer is no you’re in the majority. Its not your fault and you can change it but it’ll take some readjustment. In order to live the life you really want you’ll have to dump years, probably decades of conditioning, education, peer pressure and compromise. But it’s so worth it. We are living in amazing times. Times that make living the life you really want more possible than ever before.

Everyone’s picture of their ideal life is different but it’s safe to say that for most it would include:

Greater Time freedom

More Money

Real fulfilment

Most of us have been brought up to believe that those things can only be attained by following a system well past its “use by date”. From an early age we have to make decisions about our future that are governed by rules: Go to school and work hard, choose a career and study hard, get a good job. We then work it hard for 40 hours a week for 40 years and retire on 40% of our final income. But realistically, this system actually deprives us of the 3 points above. Only at the end of the chain when we are old do we get the first – time freedom – but usually without the other two.

 Components For Living The Life You Really Want

living the life you really want

Then along came the digital revolution and the Internet and all that changed. Hoorah! If you are not living the life you really want this could be your salvation. It’s definitely been mine. We are actually at the stage now where learning how to thrive in the digital economy – the one that is working – won’t be a choice for long. Luckily though, this new economy can offer all the components for living the life you really want.

Everything has changed. The biggest organisations in the world are now web based. Disruptive business models like e-commerce and affiliate marketing are taking over. Whole industries are dropping like flies. The idea of the 9-5 and a job for life are looking pretty silly now. On the other hand the possibilities are almost endless if you act now and get the skills, knowledge and systems that do work.

A few years ago I was definitely not living the life I really wanted. I was stuck in a job. Although it paid well it took away most of the time I’d rather have spent on my passions for music, photography and travel. Fortunately (Hindsight is a wonderful thing) the 2010 recession, which continues to worsen, took that job away and I had to look for a viable alternative. Now I not only have time for my passions, I earn income from them in ways I’d never considered.

Everything You Need Is Here

One of the things redundancy brings you (along with panic, fear, anger, bitterness and low self esteem) is time – a bit of breathing space. When not succumbing to the conditioned, knee jerk response of finding another job, I used that time to do some research. I knew that more and more people were turning to the Internet to start a business so I did the same. Amongst all the get rich quick nonsense I found a real pearl. It was a series of videos all about an Internet education and business platform and it changed my life.

If you want to start living the life you really want I suggest you take a look at them too. They are completely free and introduce you to the massive opportunities we all have in this digital world. Click the link below to learn more.


living the life you really want