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Is Being An Entrepreneur Like Learning Fly While You’re In The Air?

being an entrepreneur

I’ve heard it said that being an entrepreneur is like flying an aeroplane whilst still building it. There’s no manual in other words so you fly by the seat of your pants making it up as you go. It’s a good analogy although unless you are literally doing that, no-one’s going to die from your mistakes!

The truth is though from man’s earliest days to now, everything we have is a result of a small percentage of the population having the balls to fly by the seat of their pants. That’s one definition of being an entrepreneur. As time goes by however we have the opportunity to study what others have done. We can learn from their mistakes and successes.

In our present era we now have a massive amount of that collected experience to refer to. There is no need to be the inventor. We can calculate our risks and we can find mentors. We can leverage people who have trodden the path we’re about to start out on.

Being An Entrepreneur In The Modern Worlda

There are loads of stats out there that show a huge increase in entrepreneurialism. People of all ages and backgrounds are taking their first steps into business and self-reliance. That’s been made possible by technology, in particular the internet – all of which was created by …… you guessed it – entrepreneurs.

We might tend to think of these pioneers as dreamers, scientists, engineers and inventors. In reality all of these things are based on someone being an entrepreneur. Read any of their stories and you’ll realise that along the way they were also on a voyage of self- discovery.

That’s why there’s so much personal and self-development intertwined in so much of the information available on being an entrepreneur. It’s part of the process. After all if you’re moving into self-employment from employment things are going to be very different. That’s why so many people basically give up too soon.

It doesn’t take much effort to just keep turning up for a job after all and getting that guaranteed pay check at the end of every month. Even if that pay packet hasn’t changed much for years. Entrepreneurs can’t afford to just turn up. Usually there’s no one but themselves breathing down their necks to get things done.

Another piece of wisdom suggests that successful entrepreneurs tend to be the ones who are prepared to stay in a state of no result longest. That’s outside most people’s comfort zone but that’s where the magic happens.

Can You Buy a Manual About Being An Entrepreneur? 

blueWith an online business the financial risks of being an entrepreneur are far less than with a traditional one. That’s why so many are doing it these days. The failure rate though is high if you decide to go it alone. So again it’s wise to benefit from the experience and mentorship of those who have gone before.

It’s still a young industry but the pioneers of digital marketing have been around for a good number of years now. Luckily some of them are prepared to share their knowledge and experience.

Not many of them however dole out that experience with the generosity of Six Figure Mentors and Digital Experts Academy. Their set up is like a real world university for online entrepreneurs.

What they’ve done is taken apart two massively successful online marketing careers – those of co-founders Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek. They’ve looked at the mistakes they made along the way and the systems and strategies they used to overcome them.

They then reverse engineered all that and built it back into a proven system that combines nuts and bolts business systems, self-development and cutting edge education. The result is a community based platform that anyone can enter as fledgling or experienced entrepreneurs keen to take advantage of the technological world we now live in.

Anyone who is focussed on being an entrepreneur can join on whatever basis they like. They can simply be students and use the training and systems to their own ends, building online businesses in any field they like. For those looking for a business in a box, there are options to partner with SFM and DEA and earn high commissions as they learn.

Being An Entrepreneur Online 

The beauty of this is that it can all be done at a pace to suit an individual’s circumstances. There’s no need to take a massive leap of faith. No need to give up the day job and jump in all guns blazing. Being an entrepreneur online is fairly risk free.

Those who aspire to building 6, 7 or even 8 figure online empires are catered for with a multi-level partnership programme. Those who just want to create some extra revenue or to boost an existing business through learning digital marketing are also catered for.

Whatever the ambition the benefits of leveraging this platform are huge. Yes there are costs but I can’t think of any offline business that wouldn’t cost far more to start or maintain.

SFM and DEA provide a free 7-day video workshop for anyone who wants to look at what they do. It includes a lot of downloadable info which in itself is quite valuable. There are no strings attached. So if you are ready to fly but don’t fancy building the plane yourself grab those videos by clicking on the link below.

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By Dave Menzies 

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