Boosting Your Financial Barometer

Does Your Financial Barometer Need A Tap?

financial barometerWhen it comes to money we all have our own financial barometer. If you want to increase your earning potential, that financial barometer needs a tap. Personally I’ve always been happy with enough. Enough to live in a nice home, in a nice place. Enough to drive a decent car. Enough to eat well and indulge my passions. I also like to have some put away for a rainy day. But since starting an online affiliate marketing business and catching a few glimpses of what’s possible, my barometer has shifted.

This month – August 2016, saw me achieving my second highest earning month ever – $8190 (my biggest month so far has been $9200). In comparative terms that’s not earth shattering But it is more than double what I’ve ever earned in a month as an employee with a good job in business development.

Don’t get me wrong, I know affiliates for the same companies as me who are regularly earning 10 times that. Beyond that I also know a number of multi-millionaires in the same business. What they all have in common is not a soul eating desire for riches, but a burning lust for living life on their own terms. When you are able to do that, in this game at least, the money follows almost as a by-product.

Raise It And Keep It Raised

Its really more about what you can do with money – not about amassing a ton of the stuff for its own sake. Last month for me it meant being able to hit the buy button on my entire Amazon wish list for one thing. It also brings a huge blast of combined relief and internal peace of mind. All of the bills are covered for several months. I have more funds to grow my business and I can treat my partner to a holiday.

My online business has been providing a steady income for a couple of years. But there are still months where I earn the equivalent of a minimum wage, albeit without exchanging 180 hours of my precious time to earn it. The big months more than compensate for those though.

But the next stage, as with any business, is to scale up and level out those peaks and troughs. That’s what I mean by the financial barometer. When you have great months you want them all to be great – then to be greater.

For me that process has never been about thinking numbers. It’s always what I can do with the money. $8K or $9K a month is $96K or $108K per year after all. For me that’s the attic conversion sorted, a new Landrover, my partner’s early retirement, maybe even a holiday home in France or Italy.

None of these things would have been possible for me as the 47 year old, unemployed man I was before starting an affiliate marketing business. Even if redundancy hadn’t struck my lifestyle would have remained the same until (hopefully) I was able to retire. Then it would have steadily declined.

Who Sets YOUR Financial Barometer?

financial barometer

It’s sad that so many people resign themselves to this and it’s a lot to do with their financial barometer. It’s also a lot to do with lack of understanding around what is realistically possible these days. A 9-5 job comes with a financial barometer that you can’t influence very much at all.

You could also point at the austerity mindset that’s developed with the traditional economy’s cycle of boom and bust. In actual fact we live in times of huge abundance. Again it’s a financial barometer thing – an awareness thing.

Starting an online business used to be a high-risk venture in many peoples eyes. Now however it’s a very realistic, very sensible option. It offers low start up costs, needs no premises or specialist equipment and offers massive scaleability. It also offers masses of time freedom, location independence and flexibility. Consistency is the key: Consistent action that creates momentum.

I had a couple of false starts and can honestly say that it wasn’t until I met a couple of online superstars that I really got going. A friend sent me a link to a series of videos that introduced Stuart Ross, Jay Kubassek and their companies SFM and DEA.

Pretty much everything I’ve learned, including the mindset stuff like financial barometers and the income potential, has come from them. I’d thoroughly recommend you subscribe for those videos if your financial barometer needs a little tap.

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