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Create Your Own Destiny – Kuba Style

create your own destiny

If you want to create your own destiny you will need some help. Last night I spent 3 hours listening to Jay Kubassek outline the vision he has for his company and it’s members. It’s a big vision and one I feel a duty to share. In view of what’s going to happen tonight with Scotland’s bid for independence, world-changing vision is a timely subject as is the decision to create your own destiny.

If you don’t know who Jay Kubassek AKA The InKubator (his personal branding programme), the millionaire maker or just Kuba or JK to his friends and extended family in the Digital Experts Academy here’s why I happily hear him out as often as I can.

First of all the vision: To induct 1 million affiliates, partners and members to his extraordinary internet marketing and entrepreneurial training platform. In the past he has set himself the goal of creating 100 millionaires – did that – got the nickname (millionaire maker) and moved on.

These are just numbers but they represent a movement to educate people in what’s possible in the modern world: To create your own destiny in effect. It’s a mission to change lives and by extension the world. This isn’t a fanciful mission either it’s simply a process of making people aware of the way the world has and is changing thanks to technology and to provide them with a step by step means to take advantage of that undeniable truth.

To that end he has created a blueprint for success in the digital world. He has reverse engineered his own success to create this blueprint using the digital tool kit that he and co-founder Stuart Ross have built. The results so far have been impressive for those who have followed it.

The Create Your Own Destiny Blueprint

create your own destinyJay’s Wednesday webinars are usually used as an induction for new members. He outlines the various levels of the business model and the advantages and ramifications of each. Basically there is something here for everyone. Whether you want to just earn an extra few quid and get a basic grounding in digital marketing or you want to build an extremely lucrative affiliate marketing business you have choices. You can create your own destiny however you want it.

As always with these guys, the elegance and cleverness of what they have created usually leads to a sleepless night for me following one of their webinars. In creating an entrepreneurial mindset they have no equals. It’s thought through to the nth degree.

Business and money both love speed so there are incentives to progressing quickly up the DEA ladder. What Jay and Stuart are looking for are partners – not simply affiliates. They are looking for people who see and want to share their vision. That has resulted in an amazing community of new entrepreneurs. I love being part of it.

With a ten year plan, constant improvements to the system, the value offered to partners and product suite this is as far from the run of the mill internet “opportunity” as its possible to get. This is not a cold hearted – buy in and get on with it – ethos. It’s really is game changer dedicated to attracting the right people rather than just anyone who can afford it. It really is a place where you can create your own destiny.

Make up your own mind by subscribing to the SFM and DEA free video series on the link below.

create your own destiny

The Create Your Own Destiny Blueprint

By Dave Menzies

create your own destiny