Creating a Digital Life

Creating a digital life – Your Blueprint

Dave Menzies

As always a couple of hours spent in the company of Digital Experts Academy founder Jay Kubassek and some fellow entrepreneurs last night was interesting, inspiring and thought provoking. Creating a digital life is all of those things Although my microphone let me down meaning I couldn’t participate as I would have liked it was incredible listening to both jay and a few other people I’m gradually getting to know better through social media and these regular Go To Meeting hosted webinars.

What we were all talking about was our progress through the early stages of the Digital Lifestyle Blueprint we are all working through. It has involved a number of exercises and has been put together by Mr K to give new DEA students and affiliates a “blueprint” for creating a digital life through digital marketing . It’s based on the work Jay did on himself during the years leading up to his stratospheric rise from Canadian farm boy to multi millionaire digital marketer, entrepreneur and big money inspirational speaker.

Even the Marines are Creating a Digital Life !

Amongst others, on the call (and with working mics !) were a housewife from England, A marine from New Jersey, a marketer from Australia and a trucker from Leeds. All of these people are creating a digital life business and lifestyle in the digital economy under the mentorship of the DEA and each other. It’s pretty potent stuff.

Several of the participants talked us through the work sheets that they have created as part of this blueprint these include: An account of an ideal day, an ideal month and a picture of where they want to be in 90 days. We have also  worked on a lot at our finances over the last 10 years, our “Board of Directors” – the circle of 10 biggest influencers in our lives currently.

What’s the point? The point is that to make big – and I mean BIG changes in your life – transitioning from the traditional economy to the digital one in this case – takes work and planning. We have to create a very clear picture of what we want in order to go and get it. It was surprising how detailed some people’s worksheet and similarly surprising – especially to them – how vague others were. Several people are going back to the drawing board on this one after last night’s call. That was the point really so job done.

The Steps to Creating a Digital Life

I’ll admit that I’ve been sceptical about all this stuff in the past – NLP, “mindset training” et al  but I’m really getting it now. I’m seeing it in action and it’s an eye opener. I think in isolation and left to your own devices with this sort of stuff, most people would give up on it, but to participate in a live group on an ongoing basis, with a mentor like Jay K is a whole different ball game. I’m in!

What we discussesd last night was that most people really don’t know what they want and without identifying this – in detail – how can they get it? whatever IT is.  I’m about to find out what’s next on our blueprint agenda as Jay was  literally sending it to us at the end of the call. Given that this is the process that all new students and future and affiliates will now go through as a first step in creating a digital life I’ll be there till the end.

Have a look at the world of digital experts yourself. It’ll only cost you a little time to look as the link below will take you to a series or complimentary videos on the subject. Maybe you’ll start creating a digital life with your own blueprint …….

creating a digital life