Dealing With Negativity – When You Should

dealing with negativity

Dealing With Negativity – A Masterful Response

dealing with negativity

Stuart Ross Answers a critic (See Video below)

Dealing with Negativity is a problem. Negativity is a problem full stop. I’ve written about dealing with negative comments on social media etc before. Usually these are reactions to adverts or blog posts promoting online affiliate programmes – specifically those that challenge the status quo. In my case the few that I’ve had are in connection with my main business The Six Figures and Digital Experts Academy.

It also has to be remembered that there was a time where Google, Facebook and many other now household names received more than their fare share of negativity. They were scams apparently….

As I said before, if these comments are worth replying to i.e. not just an obscene rant but a statement or point of view that is just plain wrong, I’ll reply. I can totally understand that some people are wary of what they perceive as just another hyped up “biz opp”. God knows there are enough of those around. But as an SFM affiliate part of the job is to educate. dealing with negativity positively is sometimes a good idea.

When you’ve seen and experienced both sides of the internet industry – the bad: Scams, ponzi schemes, unsustainable programmes etc, and the good side: Affiliate marketing and professional digital marketing, you are in a position of knowledge – not hearsay or ill-informed speculation. This is doubly true when you have seen results personally and by association with many others who are putting the work in and getting big results. Dealing with negativity is something all successful people experience.

“Your Training Courses Suck!!” 

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Dealing With Negativity – Understanding the Causes of it.

By chance I caught the video above this morning. It’s by Stuart Ross, co-founder of The Six Figure Mentors and Digital Experts Academy. In his usual forthright and very honest way the video is an answer to a negative email he received in which he was told “Your training courses suck!”. It’s an object lesson in dealing with negativity head on.

It would have been very easy for him to simply delete the email or to offer a scathing or dismissive reply. The fact that he didn’t and the actual content of his video reply says it all for me about negativity and entitlement. It also demonstrates his commitment to practicing what he preaches.

Negativity has a way of feeding itself unfortunately. If you decide to fight it it can be a little like lifting a stone under which a nest of vipers have been sleeping. For that reason I think this will be the last time I comment on dealing with negativity.

If you watch this video and anything Stuart says chimes with you maybe you’d like to hear more? If so you can sign up for a series of free videos below and learn more about The SFM and DEA.


dealing with negativity



Dealing With Negativity – When You Should

By Dave Menzies

dealing with negativity