Do it Now – Tomorrow Never Comes

Why Not Today? 7 Reasons Why You Should Just do it Now !

Do it now


Why don’t we just do it now? Most of us are experts at putting things off. Whether it’s the small stuff like doing the dishes, tidying the house, doing the accounts or the bigger stuff, we find endless reasons to do it later. Like most things in life this is simply a habit and one that we can change. Here are my 7 reasons why you should learn the discipline of – do it now.


  1. We don’t know how long we’ve got. Apply this to the bigger stuff: Changing your life, starting a business, improving your health. Sorry to kick things off on a dark note but it’s true. Surveys have shown that this is the number one regret of many terminally ill people – that they never “got round” to living their dream.
  2. Tomorrow never comes. It’s a saying as old as the hills, a close friend of “never put off till tomorrow what you can do today” and a universal truth. After all today is tomorrow’s yesterday
  3. There is never a good time. If you are waiting for everything to be just right before you start on a life changing journey you’re just kidding yourself on. Something is always going to come up. Just do it now.
  4. Time waits for no man. Modern life loves speed. Money and business love speed. These days things are changing fast so get with evolution and don’t be chasing the bandwagon too late. Don’t be the one saying “look at you with your fancy opposable thumbs!”
  5. Progress is addictive. In a good way getting the do it now habit is highly moreish. Most of the things you are putting off are never as bad as you think they’re going to be. The small stuff never takes as long as you think and every forward step towards the bigger stuff brings you closer to it sooner.
  6. It buys you more time. If you just do it now it’s done; Its not hanging around in the background, niggling at you as the to-do list grows on top of it.
  7. Someone will beat you to it. This applies to that great idea you’ve been sitting on. The world has a way of stealing your ideas when you’re otherwise engaged. There are billions of brains out there just thinking of things. The ones whose owners have the do it now mentality tend to be the winners.

Do It Now – One Step At  A Time

It’s definitely the bigger things that we procrastinate over most. This is because we tend to see the mountain rather than the footpath. We see the seemingly impossible climb ahead of us when it comes to making big changes in our lives.

In reality though, we get there one step at a time. If you are actually climbing a real mountain you just take one step right after the next. You don’t take one step then stop until the moment is right to take the next one do you? That would just be silly. You just do it. If we all applied that logic to everything we want or need to achieve the world would be a better place.

A vast body of literature has been produced that tell us this sort of  stuff. The do it now attitude being at the top of the list. People have made vast fortunes by telling us this stuff. We buy it, read it and agree with it then just discard it and carry on as before. It’s like that other old saying “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink”. What are we like ?

Do it Now – Tomorrow Never Comes

by Dave Menzies

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