Do You Focus On The Big Picture?


Why You Need To Focus On The Big Picture



Keeping your focus on the big picture is I’ve learned, the key to success in any endeavour. Once you have your big picture – your end goal – defined properly of course. As an Internet entrepreneur I find this as true as I did as a wannabe rock star struggling to learn the guitar.

After a day of Skype calls with other Internet entrepreneurs, people interested in SFM/DEA – learning Internet marketing in general and people who have just started, I took some time to reflect.

I’ve realised over time, and during these calls, that it’s only your focus on the big picture (not the sometimes difficult steps) that we create it.

Focus On The Big Picture – More Than The Brushes

I had my guitar in hand as I thought about this. I was idly running through scales, riffs and strumming some fancy chord progressions. And as I watched my hands do this – with almost no conscious effort – I reflected on the process involved:

The tedious classical lessons my folks made me take as a kid in return for buying me my first guitar. Sitting around in draughty town halls with a bunch of “squares” learning chords for songs like “Mr Tambourine man”, or “Leaving on a jet plane”. Songs that I might add I came to love later in life but as a spotty young punk rocker they were not exactly my bag.

The sore fingers and frustration that are part of the deal….

When all the time I was dreaming of shredding it on a big stage like Sid Vicious or later, like Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix or Ritchie Blackmore. But now I realize how worth it all that learning actually was – that my guitar heroes had all gone through a similar process to get where they got to. They kept their focus firmly on the big picture.


Obviously I never quite reached their level but I did get to shred it on stage with a number of bands, on stages all over Europe. Better still through doing that – chasing my dream – I met the love of my life. And it’s been the same for anything I’ve done that’s been life changing

Focusing on The Big Picture When It’s Not All Glamour

focus on the big pictureDeciding to start an online business is a great example too. Like with the guitar thing – I’ve focused on what escaping from the 9-5 can bring me. That’s kept me committed to learning the boring and sometimes challenging stuff – understanding how advertising works online, how to write blogs, build websites, shoot videos and all the rest of it. It’s certainly not all glamour. My focus on the big picture has made me do it.

It’s a bit like climbing a mountain – which I also do from time to time: You don’t think about the thousands of strenuous uphill steps involved. You literally focus on the big picture – the spectacular view from the top. That keeps you pushing yourself to lift one foot after another – resting whenever you need to. It’s not a race after all.

That’s how I’m able to sit strumming my guitar on a Tuesday afternoon in one of the most beautiful parts of my Country – where I now live.

Of course I’ve benefited from – no – invested in – some of the best education on the planet as far as building a lifestyle online business goes. Just as all those guitar lessons, books, hours of practice and commitment, got me where I wanted to be as a guitarist, that is getting me where I want to be as a person and a digital entrepreneur.

That and never losing focus on the big picture.

If your big picture – and it should be BIG – seems unattainable take a look at what’s just a click away on the link below. Discover what’s possible in today’s world.


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