Fear Of Technology Is Holding You Back

Why Fear Of Technology Is Misplaced

fear of technology


Fear of technology holds people back from some amazing possibilities – from starting an online business for example. Like most fears though it’s all in the mind. We live in an era where technology is king. That means that by necessity it becomes easier and more user friendly. We should in fact be more scared of not being a little tech savvy.

As an internet marketer I work with a company that makes technology push button simple. I mean the technology around internet marketing – making money online. They know that fear of technology is a big hurdle for people who would love to work from home via the internet. They’ve made some serious inroads towards making the tech part almost irrelevant.

Assumptions That Are Just Wrong

fear of technology


I’d suggest that the fear of technology is actually based on assumptions that are just plain wrong. There’s the assumption for example that building websites is really difficult and that you’d need to learn programming to do it – it isn’t and you don’t. Neither do you need to pay massive fees to have it done for you.

Then there’s the assumption that selling goods and services online involves an intricate technical jigsaw. You’d need to master all sorts of technologies and understand complicated processes and systems. Whilst that does all go in the background, you don’t need to learn all that to use it. Hardly any internet millionaires know how a computer actually works because they don’t need to.

I often compare modern car engines to computers – bear with me. Open a new car bonnet and you face w a black box these days. Often you’d be hard put to find the spark plugs. But you can fill the windscreen washers, top up the oil, change a wheel, put petrol in it and drive the thing can’t you?

What Fear Of Technology Is Costing You

Of course there is money being made from fear of technology – especially in the internet business space. There are a million sub industries for every component of the internet marketing process. There are website developers, landing page specialists, social media experts, SEO specialists, graphic designers vying for your money. The truth is if you conquer this fear of technology you can go a long way before you need to invest in any of that.

Its really its not the technology you need to concentrate on if you’d love to start an online business. The sort of skills you use to operate a smartphone are enough. If you don’t have those or are even completely computer illiterate there are plenty of places you can pick up the basics.

I mentioned a company who have set about making it very simple to leverage all this technology. Instead of fearing it they show you how to profit from it. If you have a fear of technology that’s holding you back from some life changing potential I suggest you meet them.

Click on the image below to get a free 7, day video training series from them. If nothing else it’ll really open your eyes but it could be life changing. It has been for me.


fear of technology