Getting The Right Mindset Like A Pro

getting the right mindset

Getting The Right Mindset to Master New Skills

getting the right mindsetGetting the right mindset was the theme for a bit of a digital roller coaster on Tuesday! I was invited to a 10am hangout by the magnificent Cat Payen, a Bordeaux based solepreneur and fellow SFMster. I know Cat from our regular Tuesday night “Success by Hangout “event so it was great to have two doses of her uniqueness in one day.

Later in the day I accepted Stuart Ross’s challenge to up my game and I finished the day by throwing a fish shaped toy at the computer during another hangout. More of that later but first things first!

Cat is a big proponent of all things mindset. She originally named this new hangout The Mindset Shit but changed it to The Mindset Shift – bit of a shame but a more accurate if less fun title!

Our friend Valda who is originally from Latvia but has moved to these shores and is also building her online business with SFM joined us. So this getting the right mindset stuff then. Cat has been a long time student of the subject and has delved into most areas of it: Yoga, Meditation, meta stories – you name it – So it was an interesting start to the day.

Why Getting The Right Mindset Rules 

What’s great about these hangouts apart from the many things you learn and the links to books and sites you weren’t aware of is the companionship. When you get comfortable with the format you start to get know people – especially people who are similar journeys. So the conversation expands from a chosen subject. It’s a good way of getting the right mindset too.

I’ve come to know the importance “The mindset stuff” and getting the right mindset a lot more since being associated with people like Cat. It’s a strong thread that runs through everything Jay Kubassek teaches too. It goes far beyond self-discipline and organising your mind and habits. When you’ve made a decision to utterly change the way you live and work – in our case by transitioning to the online world – you need to work hard on your general mindset.

Getting the right mindset for a new venture means you need to seriously re-programme yourself. You need to basically strip away the years of conditioning that began almost with your first breath. Throughout childhood and adulthood most of us are trained to fit into a certain system – a certain way of thinking. I’m not saying it’s a totally bad system but when the world changes and different possibilities become attainable the old systems become less relevant.

If you want to do something different or want more out of life than what you are conditioned to think of as “normal” then your mindset needs work. In many ways you have chosen to swim against the current and that’s never easy.  Luckily, with our community at least, there are some great resources for getting the right mindset

Getting The Right Mindset From People Who have It Already

getting the riThis all tied in very nicely with Stuart’s challenge. I talked about that on my blog yesterday so you can catch up with all that here. Suffice to say it’s a very timely challenge for summer – a typically quiet spell in the online industry.

So onwards to the fish! I’ve had this colourful thing in my office for years. It came from an event I was working on at Hampden park conference centre. The event was about the Fish Philosophy. This is a sort of work place motivational course based on a famous video. The video was shot at the Chicago fish market where the workers fling large fish to each other regularly. It’s a way of creating a bit of theatre for the customers and of keeping warm.

The Tuesday night hangouts are getting better as time goes on so I felt it appropriate on Tuesday night to introduce the concept. A red, green and yellow toy fish is maybe not as effective as the real thing but it’s a better thing to throw at a webcam for sure. I’m planning to take it to Momentum day in September and pass it on to someone else to throw at his or her webcam.



If this sounds like a better day than you’ve had and you’d like to know more about the digital economy, getting the right mindset, and throwing fish (ok that’s not true) you can register for one of Stuart Ross’s free webcasts on the link below.

getting the right mindset






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