How to Reinvent Yourself For The New World

How to Reinvent Yourself – Why You Should

how to reinvent yourselfWant to know how to reinvent yourself? Today I wanted to hare an inspiring story. It’s about a couple I’ve had the pleasure of meeting so I know their story quite well. It’s definitely worth sharing in fact it features in one The Six Figure Mentors videos where the couple are interviewed by Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek who helped them turn a very bad situation into one of the most inspiring turn- a rounds I’ve ever heard.

The couple in question are Greg and Fiona Scott AKA The Laptop Lifestyle experts. They are authors of a book by the same name. Their story is a shining example of what is possible in this new economy of ours – the new one that is – and what The SFM and DEA’s unique education and business platform was created to do. To help you learn how to reinvent yourself.

So a few years ago Kiwis Greg and Fiona were working in the corporate world of London. Both had great jobs and above average salaries. They were able to indulge their mutual passion for travel and were very much the ambitious city types.

How To Reinvent Yourself – When You Have To

It was whilst on their travels – a long one this time that their lives changed overnight. Near the end of a month long break they were in a luxury hotel in Singapore when Fiona took a phone call. It was from her boss back in London – a little strange – but not a cause for panic… At first.

Long story short – it was a case of “Don’t bother coming back to work – your job is gone” – or words to that effect. Doesn’t really matter how it’s phrased, that’s the deal. Having been in that situation I can relate to how it feels: Shock, anger, fear, numbness, disbelief. For these guys it was a double whammy as Greg had quit his job shortly before to look at starting a business.

I’ve seen the guys share their story live at a momentum day event. It’s obvious that both still feel bitter about what happened. It’s also obvious that they now consider it the best thing that ever happened to them – because of what followed. It’s an object lesson in how to reinvent yourself after everything you know is ripped away.

Obviously a period of shock set in. Being a resourceful and savvy couple Greg and Fiona decided that they wouldn’t ever allow themselves to be in that situation again. They knew that starting a business was their best option. They also knew that the Internet was the place to do it.

After a few false starts of the kind every online newbie makes they were introduced to Stuart and Jay. They became avid students of digital marketing and with all the resources, tools, training and mentoring that Stuart and Jay’s platform provided, the rest is history. They’ve literally written the book on how to reinvent yourself.

These days Greg and Fiona now travel constantly living the laptop lifestyle. They have an extremely successful online business and are business coaches for the SFM. This is the essence of what’s possible these days – Working from anywhere they can connect to the net. They do house shares and buy one way tickets. They have multiple income streams that largely run on auto -pilot.

Watch the full story on the link below and find out more about this new way of working less, earning more and living lives of freedom and total control. In short – how to reinvent yourself. It’s an increasingly common way of life and will pretty soon be the norm. You owe it to yourself to at least investigate what’s possible.


how to reinvent yourself


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