Investing In Your Education For Today’s World

investing in your education

Investing In Your Education For The Digital Age

investing in your education

Investing in your education is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Whether that means traditional education, professional development or just learning new skills to start out on a new path, investing in your education will pay dividends for the rest of your life. Today I want to suggest that investing in a digital marketing education in today’s world is a very shrewd investment indeed.

I started thinking about this when I was putting a new marketing video together for a driving school business. Learning to drive is after all one way of investing in your education that is pretty much taken for granted and the benefits are obvious: Freedom, independence, flexibility, necessity. Learning digital marketing offers the same benefits and is fast becoming as much a necessity as a driving license.

For the video I compile images of students who have passed with the driving school. They are asked to leave comments on a website and these are added to the images. On the day I was working on the video a pupil passed her test first time. It had been a long time coming and when we looked at the numbers she had taken over 100 lessons. When you add the cost of the test this amounted to well over £2000.

The Cost V The Benefits Of Investing In Your Education

investing in your education

In terms of investing in your education is that a lot? Some spend less some spend more but generally speaking its considered a worthwhile investment. Most people do it once for life. Investing in your education in other ways costs far more: A college or University course for example would cost far more. You measure the cost against what it does for your prospects, your lifestyle and your income.

So really investing in your education starts with the desired outcome doesn’t it? With driving lessons the outcome is obvious and most people want that outcome even if it takes a number of attempts and hundreds of lessons to get there. It’s the same thing with College or Uni qualifications: They are needed to get the job you want or to become a professional.

Investing In Your Education – Starting With Desired Outcome 


investing in your education



Digital marketing is a profession. It’s the profession of the moment in fact. When you can do it you have the keys to the modern world. Just like a driving license it offers freedom, flexibility and independence. As a means from getting from you’re A to your B it makes a car look like a skateboard though.

Investing in your education means finding the right instructors, the right teachers, the right college or university. Learning digital marketing is no different and to my mind that means The Digital Experts Academy where an Elite membership costs less than the person I mentioned paid to learn how to drive. It has the further advantage of providing a lucrative – earn as you learn – programme.

But don’t just take my word for it. Learn more about them by clicking on the link below to sign up for their 7 day introductory video series. Amogst others You’ll meet some serious business people who have left highly paid corporate careers to transition to the digital economy via this virtual Academy of life.



investing in your education


Investing In Your Education Wisely In The Digital Age

By Dave Menzies

investing in your education