Key Skills For The Post Covid World

A key hangs from an open door symbolising the key skills for the post covid world

I recently read an an article in Forbes about what the key skills for the post covid world are likely to be. Nobody knows exactly what that world will look like yet but we can safely bet it will be very different to the one we were used to. The world of work has already changed and will likely continue to change and adapt. That’s obviously going to change the skills employers are looking for and the way business will be done. 

When things are in flux adaptability and flexibility become key skills. The digital revolution was already disrupting the way we do most things. The pandemic has simply shifted things up a few gears. Job security has long been a thing of the past, now being able to adapt to constant workplace changes and being flexible enough to re-skill as necessary is crucial. 

Obvioulsy technical skills have become increasingly important too. This has been the case for a long time now but again Covid has made them essential. In a world focussed on low or no human contact, A.I, virtual communication and online commerce are the new normal. Anyone able to offer the relevant skills or to create businesses that thrive in that world will be in high demand.

Create And Innovate

High on Forbes ist of key skills for the post covid world is creativity and innovation. We have all seen entrepreneurs and businesses come up with new ways to deliver services and products in order to survive. That ingenuity must continue in a post coronavirus world. We must continue to invent new ways to communicate and work together. 

We live in what is sometimes to the 4th Industrial revolution. This revolution is powered by data and understanding data is already a key skill that will become increasingly important. Internet marketers have known this for a long time. It’s how they find trends, find customers and make decsions. Anyone who can demonstrate skills in this area are already in high demand.

That leads naturally to the kind of hard skills that will be key in the post covid world. These include coding, web development and digital marketing. Skills in these areas open a lot of doors both for employment and in creating businesses.

Digital business is largely immune to pandemics and traditional economic crises. Its been many years since Bill Gates rightly predicted that any business that wasn’t online would not be in business for long. All business is now at least part digital so NOT having these skills – particularly now – is risky.

Leadership And EQ

In a world which is changing so rapidly, leadership becomes an extremely valuable skill. In organistaions where home working is the new normal virtual teams will need leadership at all levels. Beyond that many, many people will be looking for leadership to help them acquire and develop new skills. Strong leadership skills are and will be in high demand in all sorts of areas.  

Hand in hand with leadership comes EQ (emotional intelligence) EQ is the ability to be aware of and be able to express and control our own and others emotions. In a world full of uncertainty that is a powerful skill. The World Economic Forum predicts that some 35% of the skills considered essential now will change over the the next 5 years. That’s a lot of change and that is why EQ is going to be another of the key skills for the post covid world.

If like me you are a devotee of lifelong learning you’ll agree with Forbes that this mindset will be essential for anyone who wants to be relevant in the new normal. When very specific skills such as those above are needed to thrive in the post Covid19 worldscape it pays to get them.

The Lifelong Learning Mindset

the words lifelong learning are laid on a scrabble board symbolising one of the key skills for a post covid world

There are fortunately a lot of places – particularly online learning communities – where you can skill up. When my career vanished in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis I had already begun to look at alternatives to an obvioulsy broken economy. It seemed obvious to me then and has proven to be the case that digital economy was the place to reinvent myself.

I did that with the help of an online mentorship, education and business platform that I was lucky enough to find. In the decade since they have continued to evolve and adapt to the rapidly changing world. During the Covid lockdowns they have increased their pace accordingly and offer a superb platform to acquire the key skills for a post covid world.

If you are woried about the future and accept that you will need to become self reliant, reskill and adapt then you could do worse than do as I did back in 2010. Follow the link below and register for their free introductory video series.

You will learn about the massive opportunities that exist outside of all the doom mongering that’s currently sweeping the world. You’ll learn how to get the skills we’ve looked at here and how to leverage them with unparalleled support, tools and mentorship.   

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