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Learning New Skills and Getting Paid For It

learning new skills

Learning new skills is a necessary part of starting afresh or moving from one path to another in any part of life. Over the last year I’ve learned quite a few myself. I am currently adding more as a digital entrepreneur. It can be overwhelming but I find that it’s all sinking in nicely.

Yesterday I upgraded my membership in the DEA programme and also started an advanced Facebook marketing course. Both are going to involve absorbing a ton of new information but luckily I won’t be alone in either journey. I’ll have mentors and co-learners to work with. Learning new skills is so much easier that way than going it alone in front of a computer.

Learning new skills online has its advantages and disadvantages. The advantages being that most courses get recorded if you can’t make it to a live class for any reason. You participate from the comfort of your own home and that can be anywhere in the world. The only disadvantages really are that nothing really beats human interaction and internet connections can vary in quality.

What I like so far about both SFM and Satori Prime is that they structure their education with that in mind. With SFM that involves regular live workshops and get-togethers. With Satori Prime it’s done by using a mix of platforms. Training is delivered via recorded tutorials, live webinars and interactive Facebook groups. With both the learners are encouraged to network, collaborate and interact outside of the “classroom”.

Learning New Skills For A New Economy

My first experience with learning new skills online was through a TEFL online course. The study material itself was excellent but a lot of the technology involved in actually teaching it online is still in the development stages. Virtual interactive classrooms were still pretty clunky affairs the last time I looked. Digital marketers and coaches have perfected online teaching to a far higher degree.

Another advantage to learning new skills relevant to a digital entrepreneur is that there is usually an earn as you learn possibility. Courses like SFM and Satori Prime’s Facebook Kickstarter offer an affiliate opportunity so that students can earn commission by promoting the very training they themselves are paying for.

This is just another example of how good the affiliate marketing model actually is when applied to learning new skills. Everything you do can basically cease being an expense and become an income stream instead. This is a winning situation for everyone as it offsets the worry about paying for learning to some extent. You’ve got to love that.

Take a look at the SFM earning as you learn digital entrepreneurship programme to see the beauty of this method of learning new skills on the link below.

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By Dave Menzies 
learning new skills