Living In The Now

Are You Living In The Now?

living in the now

Living in the now is the cornerstone principal of Eckhart Tolle’s famous book The Power of Now. TV presenter James May put it very well recently when he said that Human beings can only actually live in the now – it’s all we have. He went on to say that life is better now than it was a minute ago and it will be better still in a minute. I believe that’s absolutely true in the fast paced, technology led world we live in.

For me living in the now simply means taking full advantage of what progress has given and is giving to us and that really is huge. Just think for a moment, as an example, about that smartphone you are never without. The phone part of it is probably the least used of its many functions. More likely the Internet access and whatever apps you have will see much more use.

Why Living In The Now Is Essential

It’s your sat nav, your source of instant information, your guitar tuner, your taxi service, your camera, social media interface, payment device, entertainment centre, remote control and a hundred (or a thousand) other things. It’s truly amazing. It facilitates living in the now so much that the idea of living without it is unthinkable. If you don’t believe it try reading a book written before say 2005. You’ll find yourself asking – especially if it’s in the crime fiction genre – Why they didn’t just shoot a video or take a picture/call an uber/ Google it/use streetmaps and a host of other questions. It all just seems impossibly dated. How did we manage!

The tragic side of all this wonderful technology is that its come too late for so many people. It could have solved or prevented countless crimes and saved countless lives. But it’s here now and that’s why embracing the digital world and living in the now is so important for all of us.

It’ll Be Even Better In A Minute

Aside from the incredible convenience the Internet, and technology offer us they also empower us to escape from the crumbling old systems they are replacing. The idea of commuting to and from one place to work 9-5 for 40 years is a prime example. Truly living in the now makes nonsense of that. Why would you exchange your precious time for money when there are much better options?

In 2014 Adweek posted that $1.2million in online business is done every 30 seconds. In 2017 it is estimated that worldwide online spending reached $2,197 TRILLION. Individuals or small teams of Internet entrepreneurs do a growing percentage of that business. They come from all walks of life and all age groups. Using new business models like affiliate marketing and e-commerce they are simply leveraging what’s already here. They are living in the now and so can you. In fact you really should.

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living in the now