Your New Life After Redundancy

life after redundancy

Creating A Better Life After Redundancy Provides The Opportunity

life after redundancy

Working in the digital economy

When sorting out your life after redundancy you may not have considered this. It was your job that got made redundant rather than you personally. There are a number of reasons this happened. It might be the recession it might be as a result of technology replacing you. If it was the first then there’s always a chance of finding a similar job in the same industry. If it’s the latter though as is increasingly the case, then that job and jobs of the same kind are probably gone for good. They are just not needed anymore.

Look at the high street. You’ve probably lost count of the shops that have closed over the last couple of years. That’s not all down to the recession. A lot of shops have closed because everyone is buying stuff online now. It’s expensive to keep a shop open and to pay staff. Your life after redundancy will probably need to be in a whole different world.

Building a Digital Life After Redundancy

My local bank has very few people working there now. There are machines to deal with the everyday deposits. Some banks are employing people to teach customers how to do online banking. Manual cash handling is being minimised. Look at supermarkets: How many self-service terminals are there in your local supermarkets?

The economy, the world is increasingly digital. Most of the things we need can now be found and bought online – even the weekly shopping. We just don’t need to physically visit buildings anymore to buy goods and services as much as we did before.

Think about what tools you have on a laptop now. You have video and music apps for example that can do things that once only huge corporations could do. You used to need a room full of equipment costing 10’s of thousands to produce music. Now you get Garage band with a macbook…Bear all this in mind when planning a new life after redundancy. Think about how you could leverage it.

Never Worry about Life After Redundancy Again.

In the emerging economy a business doesn’t necessarily need staff, buildings or many of the expenses associated with traditional businesses.  Sales don’t need to be made by travelling to see customers and products don’t need to even exist in a physical sense. Selling information online is very big business. The customer gets the product instantly and the seller gets the money instantly. Same with music in fact.

So if you are reeling from the blow of redundancy and are trying to work out your next move, consider all this before you brush up the CV. I suggest you move with the times and get the skills that will be most in demand before long: 5 – 10 years is my bet. These skills are digital marketing. Arm youself with those and life after redundancy could be much better than it was before that particular axe came down.

I’m talking from experience by the way. I was made redundant twice in the space of 2 years. During that time I dabbled with online business. I could see it was the way ahead but I soon realised that I had a lot to learn if I was going to do it seriously.

That led me eventually to the SFM and DEA. They provide everything you’ll ever need to transition into the digital economy as a digital entrepreneur. If you become that you’ll never worry about life after redundancy again because it simply won’t ever happen again.Find out more by clicking the link below and getting a series of 7 videos (free)

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By Dave Menzies

life after redundancy