Are You Planning Ahead?

Are You Planning Ahead or Just waiting to See What Happens?

By Dave Menzies

I was prompted to think about this when I was sticking a new tax disc on the car yesterday. Seeing a date 6 months from now written in such a definite way – action must be taken on this date.  – gave me pause for thought. I used to be fairly vague about planning ahead, well ahead that is, in the important planning ahead for life sense. These days thanks to the company I keep and their collective wisdom I’ve realised the value of planning ahead.  The idea of creating a life plan was never one I took onboard though I always had this sense that I should be moving toward “something”.


Anyway next time you do something date specific like replacing a tax disk or putting a date in the calendar for 6-12 months from now have a think about you’ll be doing then. If you have doubts about the direction life is taking and would like to change it watch my video blog for a suggestion.

Planning Ahead and Building A Personal Life Plan

Thanks for watching and reading. I look forward to sharing more and welcome any comments you may have.

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