The Abundance Mindset

The Abundance Mindset vs The Lack Mindset

The Abundance mindset as opposed to the lack, or scarcity mindset is a crucial factor in your future wealth. You will find in most cases that this is what separates the rich from the poor. It doesn’t matter much whether you start with a little or lot, an abundance mindset will power you through to your goals. A scarcity mindset will pretty much guarantee you stay still – always getting what you always got.

To highlight the importance of having or getting an abundance mindset I put together the following video. It looks at 10 differences in mindset between rich and poor.

10 Mindset Differences Between Rich And Poor


Hopefully you will see from these 10 points that your mindset really is all-important. It determines how you deal with challenges, set backs and difficulties and how your relationship with money changes accordingly. The great thing, especially in the amazing times we live in now, is that you can change from a scarcity mindset to an abundance mindset. You just have to be aware of how one limits you and the other sets you free.

Get The Abundance Mindset

You might relate to some of these more than others but in my experience and according to the wealth of material out there on the subject, all 10 are important. What you need to do really is to take a long hard look at yourself and be honest: Which side of the abundance/scarcity mindset are you on in each area? Do you have limiting beliefs and attitudes? If so how did you get them? Do they really serve you?

Our mindset comes from a mix of conditioning, personal circumstances, peer pressure and learned behaviour. All of it is reversible – not always easy – but definitely in your power to change. Your future wealth and happiness may well depend on it so give it some thought.


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