The Importance of Change

The Importance of Change

The importance of changeI watched some videos recently by the likes of Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield and Abraham Hicks. Do the same and you’ll find that everyone in the personal development space stresses the importance of change. Want a different life? – a different outcome? Then you need to change your way of thinking, your way of working and possibly your way of living. I did all that a few years ago when I moved from the traditional 9-5 lifestyle to the Internet world. As a guitarist I’ve recognised the importance of change too. Here’s a recent musical experience that is a great example.

My partner and I are both musician and songwriters. For many years, with various bands, we wrote, recorded and performed our own music. We don’t perform live anymore but we recently started re-recording some of our old back catalogue. The idea is to keep the bones of the songs but to update and reinvigorate them and at the same time to create videos. The importance of change comes into this in a number of ways.

Firstly the equipment we have and the way we record has improved hugely so we can do things we couldn’t before. Secondly this gives us the opportunity to look at the songs themselves. Here’s an example.

Changing Your Tune – Leave The Comfort Zone

One of the songs – a straight rocker – seemed a little dated. As a musician you can get a little stuck in your ways. It’s the same with life – which is also why so many people are quite dissatisfied with their lives. I realised that this song kind of highlighted that I’d become a little complacent with the guitar parts at the time. So I did something I’ve always found kicks me out of that. I altered the tuning on my guitar and added a second part in that tuning.

That finger picked part – a sort of folky, bluegrass thing, has added a whole new dimension to it, which I love. I find this a great metaphor for the importance of change. When you change the tuning of a guitar you’re forced to experiment. You can’t rely on finger memory since the note positions have all changed. In short you find yourself in a different world musically speaking. You are outside your comfort zone, which as Tony Robbins et al will tell you, is where the magic happens.

Change On A Bigger Scale

On a far bigger scale (no pun intended) moving from a corporate career to the world of Internet marketing seriously brings home the importance of change. It’s literally a different world and changes pretty much everything in your life. Primarily it provides you with a lot of free time (hence the music project) It also dramatically increases your earning potential and enables you live and work anywhere you want to. If that seems too good to be true then you need to change your mindset.

My own eyes were opened to the possibilities when I exchanged my email address for a series of videos 5 years ago. I’d just been made redundant and was trawling the Internet for ideas on how to change my circumstances for the better. Call it the law of attraction or just blind luck but what I found certainly worked. If any of this has stressed the importance of change for you then I’d suggest you click on the link below and do as I did.

The Importance of Change