The Importance of Mindset


The Importance of Mindset in Business and in Life

mindThe importance of mindset – a positive one was the subject chosen for our hangout the other day. Myself and my friends were discussing the importance of a positive mindset in general and in connection with running an online business – any business.  As always the topic was just a starting point for a wide ranging discussion.

You’d expect that with a group as diverse as we are. We are from very different places both geographically and in terms of life experience. What we have in common is that we are all looking for better, certainly different lives than the ones that society, custom, upbringing suggested.

We have all gravitated to the SFM because that’s what’s on offer. The more we get to know each other the more we find in common. Even though our goals are all different it’s the fact that these goals ARE different to the “norm” that’s the key. The importance of mindset – the right mindset is a thread that runs through everything we learn.

During the Hangouts we are also communicating privately in a chat box and on Facebook. We use this to tell the host we have a point we’d like to make, to exchange links and other stuff related to the webinar. We also use it to have a little laugh on the side. The chat box was very busy as we discussed the importance of mindset and keeping positive

The Importance of Mindset (and Tree-hugging?….)


A long time ago and with a very different mindset

For some reason during the positive thinking conversation someone brought up tree hugging (what’s that got to do with the importance of mindset? don’t ask – no idea ! ) this led to a jokey side chat about hippies. My friend Johan from Sweden was very funny – it’s a combination of his poker face, deadpan humour and just slightly less than perfect English.

I mentioned that I used to be a bit of a hippy and had very long hair at one point (see pic) this led to requests for me to post some long hair pics on our hangout Facebook page.

So I did that the following day and we picked the conversation up again in our Facebook chat. It led to some surprisingly deep insights – again from Johan but also from Cat our France based contributor.

I posted 2 images of me with the long hair. One was of me in full highland dress.

Johan who is a fellow musician asked if I was in a band. I told him that it was actually taken just before my marriage. I commented that the marriage had been a mistake.

This unexpectedly led to some quite touching comments from both. Cat pointed out that a journey is never actually a mistake no matter how it turns out and that I must have learned something from that particular journey. She’s right about that.

Johan posted that he has never been able to live up to any kind of conventional life. Never married, no kids and never had a standard 9-5 job with all that entails for long enough to finance the 5 weeks holiday that others have. He said that he was in a relationship but it’s lived separately – a little lost in translation – he gave me a Swedish word for it – sarbo – but said there is no English equivalent for its meaning.

I replied that I’d also never been able to fit into the traditional mould although I wasted far too many years trying to. Again Johan summed this up beautifully. When we are younger, he said, we try to fit into many things but in the end if we can’t then we end up with an individual point of view: A kind of looking in from the outside. This as he rightly pointed out is actually a real strength and one that can be used to really help other people. A good example of the importance of mindset, of being aware that you have one and can change it.

I used to be deeply interested in all this mindset stuff. In later life I buried it all in attempts to conform. I am so glad now to have rediscovered it and to be associated with so many people who are so wise about learning the importance of mindset. Who would have thought that I’d be reintroduced to it and it’s importance by a couple of young multi millionaire Internet marketers.

Recognizing that Your Mindset is Changeable

That really doesn’t do them and the community they are creating justice though. The kind of people this – I don’t even know what to call it … Platform? Is attracting is amazing. Many have had huge success in other fields already but recognise that the digital world is the place to be now. Others like me, Cat and Johan (and Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek who fit both categories)  have always been something of a square peg and recognise that this is actually an advantage. Without exception everyone I’ve connected with in this community absolutely recognises the importance of mindset.

Read any of the famous books on the subject and they’ll tell you. The difference between rich and poor people is their mindset. Robert Kiyosaki’s famous book Rich Dad Poor Dad is the definitive guide to the importance of mindset. If you don’t have the rich mindset you need to get it (presuming of course you want riches in any of its forms). It’s the part of the equation that needs the most work. I’m very lucky to now be surrounded by some of the worlds best teachers on the subject. And I’m not being hippyish when say that! Lol

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