The Power Of Change

the power of change

Embracing The Power of Change

the power of changeMost of us are not comfortable with change and I’m no different. I have realised that uncomfortable or not it has to be gone through in order to progress in life. I’ve been through a lot of change in the last 5 years and, painful though some of it was, it’s been well worth it. I now embrace the power of change far more readily.

In the last 5 years I’ve been through 2 of the most significant changes in my life. First when I was made redundant from a 12 year career and secondly when I sold my house and moved to the seaside. Redundancy, especially in your late 40’s is a very scary thing indeed. If it’s happened to you I don’t need to remind you of how it feels. If it hasn’t, I’m sure you can imagine the mix of shock, fear, anger, sadness, self doubt and panic it induces. It was the making of me though in many ways thanks to the power of change.

Fast forward a couple of years and boxes full of our possessions surround me. We had sold our beautiful Glasgow pad in just 10 days online. The local average for similar places was around 12 months. We’d been there for 8 years after sinking the profit from my first place and a ton of blood, sweat and tears into it. Although we had done well with the sale we had nowhere to go – a purchase having fallen through. We had decided to take a big chance and move to a rented place at the seaside.

The Power Of Change Vs The Power Of Fear

the power of changeThe idea was to make sure my partner’s driving instruction business could work there and to see if we liked it before buying a place. At the time, the idea of not actually owning a house was terrifying to me. My online business was going well (more on that shortly) we would have a swollen bank account and our cost of living would be dropping significantly. Yet still I was full of trepidation: What if it didn’t work out? What if we couldn’t find a place to buy? Thanks to the power of change I needn’t have worried.

It turned out that we had chosen a place where driving instructors were thin on the ground and demand was high. My partner quickly filled her diary and has been busy ever since. In fact she has a long waiting list. We also found a perfect house. In fact a house we had been looking at for some time hoping the price would go down. It did and 4 months after leaving Glasgow we bought it.

I remember doing a final idiot check on the old house after loading the van – just to make sure we hadn’t forgotten anything. It had turned from being our home back into an empty shell. No turning back. Change is good.

I mentioned earlier that I’d started an online business. Really this should be Big Change 3 but it had proven itself before we made our move and was more of a gradual process. Not the overnight change redundancy or handing over your old house keys represents. But it did make our new choice of location feasible. Had I found another job I’d have been facing long and expensive commutes by ferry and road.

The Bigger The Change The Better

the power of changeTransitioning from the traditional economy to the digital one is obviously a big change as is moving from employment to self-employment. But it’s one that lots of people are now making. In our case it sealed the deal. The location freedom offered by being able to earn income from anywhere you can lay your laptop is a fabulous thing. As if by omen I actually made my biggest sale ever the very day we moved home. In fact my biggest monthly pay check ever by a long shot – and I earned it in a single day.

This post has been about embracing the power of change. The most powerful change to our world in my lifetime has been the Internet and the possibilities it now offers us all.


Not just in opening up a vast pool of knowledge, instant convenience and global communication. It offers the chance to build exactly the life we want. We can use it to live where we want, work when we want doing things we like doing with people we like doing them with.

Now I don’t want to give the impression that this was all plain sailing. Being both self employed we had some problems getting the small new mortgage we needed. The sellers of our new house changed the move in date several times. My partner had additional problems providing I.D for the mortgage. Her father had changed the family name when she was 3. The old name remained on her passport – the only ID they would accept. So there was a lot of last minute scrabbling around to sort that out. It was all pretty stressful.

It Isn’t easy But Do It Anyway

But what I do want to get across is that once we had committed to the decision to move – a big step out of our comfort zone – everything did fall into place. As I say not easily but with a sort of unstoppable momentum. That is how the power of change works.

As a side effect we are very happy and that has led to success in both businesses. My partner’s because of the supply/demand situation we couldn’t have foreseen in such a small, rural community. Mine because I love being out of the city and can incorporate my story and our surroundings in the marketing of my business. Since my business teaches people how to leverage the modern Internet economy as I have done, its all very organic.

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the power of change