The Power of Visualisation – Does It Work?

The power of visualisation

The Power of Visualisation In Practice


The power of visualisation

Hopefully – you do want more out of life than Garfield ….

A lot has been written about the power of visualisation but does it actually work? I mean can you really get whatever you want just by visualising it and by applying some ancient wisdom and mental gymnastics?

All I can tell you is that my partner and I saw a house on the internet we seriously wanted 6 months ago. It was beyond our budget, in a very impractical location and seemed an impossible dream. I’m writing this from that house now having moved in last week.

The Power of Visualisation – From Picture to Reality

We had the sales brochure in our hands and pictured ourselves living there every day. We visited the area several times and rented a house very close to it for 6 months to see of we could make a go of it there. Turns out we could. My internet business got seriously into flow as did my partner’s traditional business. It’s a long story and we had a lot of hurdles to get past to get here. Looking back now from inside the house, with the log fire burning it does seem a little miraculous.

In her famous self- help book The Secret, Rhonda Byrne describes this as the law of attraction – attracting health, wealth and happiness into your life by telling the universe you want them. The much older book The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattle suggests a similar thing. In his horribly titled “How to get lots of money for anything fast”, Stuart Lichtman outlines a mental process to which he describes as meta stories. All talk about forms of visualisation.

In my experience I have usually managed to get everything I want by using visualisation. You might just call it sheer bloody-minded determination though. I’ve seldom managed to get what I wanted as fast as I would have liked and I’ve sometimes settled for comprises – 2nd best. But that’s because my visualisation has been unstructured: Definitely more of an internal dialogue.

Law of Attraction, The Universe etc…

Thinking about the law of Attraction: I have noticed as I’m sure you have, that when you want something – lets say a certain type of car – suddenly they’re everywhere. Even if they were pretty scarce before you wanted one, now you see them daily. Rhonda Byrne would say that’s the universe responding to your thoughts and feelings. Stuart Lichtman might call it the power of visualisation.

All of these writings and the many more out there are discovered by people looking for change and for ways to do it. It’s not surprising then that so many of those people find themselves joining The Six Figure Mentors as I did. In fact Wallace Wattle’s and Stuart Lichtman’s book are both part of the SFM’s success blueprint course.

Maybe that’s the universe providing a path, maybe it’s just bloody great marketing: Find out what people want – give it to them. A bit of both I’d say. It’s certainly proving to be the answer for a lot of people. What they’ve been seeking for a long time. I know that’s the case for me.

So if you’ve read The Secret or something similar but are looking for something solid to put that wisdom to practical use with look no further. Visualize a business you love that offers time and financial freedom, complete control and immense fulfilment. In fact go a step further and click on the link below to get a series of free videos that will really open your eyes (and your mind)

the power of visualisation

By Dave Menzies